Splinterlands Epic Cards in my collection

So let me just start off by saying they want me to play another season on the account so i said why not it will be a fun learning experience. I've already stacked up quite a bit of cards. My first season ended off in the gold league and now my next season hopefully will. I didn't know until now that your level drops down after each season but now i know. If you want to see what i got in my first season check it out here: https://hive.blog/splinterstats/@monsterpit/splinterstats-season-51-report-card

Epic Cards


I've been saving up dec to buy more packs when i can. I haven't gotten any amazing things yet but i'll let you know when i do. I just found out recently how to level up cards so i will be doing that more. I think i managed to accrue 20$ worth of cards already since i've been playing so i can thank summertooth for that. I got some surprises coming soon as well so be prepared. My most recent win is here: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=7db5657e759c4de14f4ead78b71d9d4b3731a831&ref=monsterpit

I think i can get good at this game and turn my account into something amazing. I can't wait for the payout. I also appreciate this opportunity again and I'm glad i learned a bit about this. I try to play for several hours when i can but work calls. I played a whole day last week stacking dec for cards. Now i got more time because i got work off on the fourth of july.

Have a great day everyone and keep on stacking.

Your truly, Mr.Crypto