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Before I left, I knew coming back would be difficult.
I'm not even sure if I'm ready yet but here I am.

Feels good to be home.

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My Thoughts Exactly

There was nothing left in the tank.

I was outta gas.

That's the last thing I remember.

  • Didn't want to sit around and bitch about being tired.
  • Didn't want the reflection of how I was feeling to be plastered all over my efforts once finished.

I'm human. I worked my ass off. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I took a break before I broke.

Now I'm all full of piss and vinegar again!

That's a good thing where I come from!

But who the hell is this Justin guy and why is he trying to hog all the spotlight!

This was supposed to be my big moment.

I've been away for four months. I take a break every year, because life. Everyone knows that. It's my thing.

Again — much like the last break — I was nowhere near an internet connection, for quite awhile. One does not need the internet to simply live life for a few months. Water and bananas, man. That's all you need. Beer, steak, sex? Ya! That too, but not always in that order.

So anyway...

Where was I?

Not here!

And you noticed! And you missed me! And I missed you, too.

Usually it takes quite a few consecutive days of thinking: okay, self. Today is the day you get your ass back on there and do something for those people who dig your style.

The planets aligned, or some shit like that. Finally, I'm back home again. Finally getting my daily dose of wifi fumes straight to the noggin again. Getting some good wholesome brainwash again, like the old days. Getting caught up on the happenings of this world. Feeling scared, again. The sky is falling, or whatever, like usual, again, like it always was, so that's nothing new, and I'm sure those behind freaking me the fuck out are proud of themselves. A job well done.

I wasn't even aware of what's happening in China right now up until a couple of weeks ago. The world could have ended and I'd be that dumbass last human alive dude, wandering around, wondering where everyone is and why nobody ever texts me back anymore.

Three weeks ago, a Corona was still a beer from Mexico, to me. Now it's something completely different and I'm not even sure what I'm going to drink this summer if nothing changes.

But that's neither here nor there.

On a serious note: I truly hope us humans come out on top. I got sick, I'm feeling better. Everyone else deserves that as well.

So anyway. When it was finally time to come here and begin snooping around, I must say, I was impressed with what I saw. A variety on the trending page and not much complaining taking center stage. Feeling confident the time was right, I began working on some art for a post. In case you missed it, that art thing should still be near the top of the post, where I left it. Something I hadn't done in many moons, finally finished, and it felt good to be back at work doing something I enjoy, most days.

Then this Justin guy shows up outta nowhere and buys Ned, or whatever.

And everyone freaked the fuck out!

Maybe this is a bad time, I thought.

I thought I was just in time but instead, it's Justin time.

I saw the whole thing go down.

Within seconds I counted 1000038 posts about it because I had nothing better to do that day. I saw the panic. I read the classic I quit! posts and thought goddammit I'm home!

Some things never change and I'm fine with that. When it comes to humanity on the internet, this place is as real as it gets. Nothing compares to it and I don't think I'd want it any other way. Please don't feel ashamed if you were experiencing a few uncontrollable emotions. That's life and I'd be full of shit if I claimed to have taken it like a champ.

I ripped down all my Ned posters.

Smashed my set of Ned mugs.

Poured gas all over the Valentine I made for Ned. Burned it then snorted the ashes.

After sixteen hours of trying to find out where this mofo lives, so I could pay him a little visit, but failing because I suck at Google maps, I decided to call off the search and move on to bigger and better things, like Justin.

I've met quite a few Justins in my day. Usually some good people, those Justins.

I had no clue what an "AMA" was at the time, but like everyone else, I was looking forward to hearing this.

I showed up to the party a little late and noticed something like 156 views on the counter above the video. Started shaking. How can I compete with this, I thought. This guy must be a huge celebrity on Dlive and now wants to take over Steemit or something. No more votes for ole @NoNamesLeftToUse The Writer/Artist Himself, I guess...

Conquered my fears first.

Then I hit the play button.

Justin on the left. That name I vowed to never say again, the heartbreaker himself with the hair and everything on the right.

I covered that part of the screen with a cat so I didn't have to look at it.

It was now time to get down to brass tacks and meet Justin for the first time.

I saw the finger touch the nose. I saw the finger linger. It moved some more. Then I saw the finger move away from the nose. I saw the eyes inspecting the finger. I could see his thoughts. He spent about two seconds looking at that booger and I thought: If this man puts that booger in his mouth, my career here is over!

I'm not sure if anyone else saw what I saw but for me, it felt like slow motion.

I'm so glad he didn't eat the goddamn thing.

How does one even compete with content like that?


It feels good to be back and it's nice to meet you, Justin. I'm sure we'll get along just fine.

I'll be out and about. I'm not sure if I'll be producing new stuff on the daily here right out of the gates; need to settle in first. When I left four months ago the community was focused on adjusting to a few changes. Some drama was taking center stage, like now. When this stuff happens, it becomes difficult to sit down, produce some art, have some fun, and expect people to actually pay attention to it after spending twelve straight hours debating in circles. This could be bad timing for me to start up Season Five, but I'm here, so I guess I'll just keep moving forward and hoping for the best.

It's really nice to see you all again.

Have a nice day.

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Welcome back man, I got you a blog warming gift.

I saw the finger touch the nose. I saw the finger linger. It moved some more. Then I saw the finger move away from the nose. I saw the eyes inspecting the finger. I could see his thoughts. He spent about two seconds looking at that booger and I thought: If this man puts that booger in his mouth, my career here is over!

I'm not sure if anyone else saw what I saw but for me, it felt like slow motion.

I'm so glad he didn't eat the goddamn thing.

That was priceless/hilarious !!!

Nervous guy . Could he be@ned or @justin??

My nose feels all warm and fuzzy

It probably wasn't pure then.

Nervous guy! Could he be @ned or @justin?

This post is going to be at the top of trending isn't it...our new Lord Sun is going to hate me now 🤣

That dude has a sense of humor. You'll be fine. Comedy sells out stadiums and that dude likes money. He might see all this, have an epiphany, then begin to see a little more of the potential in his purchase. Or it might go right over his head, meaning he's just another Ned.

75 Million SP Downvote incoming, it was nice knowing you all :p

It's just a scratch.

Oh... you already thought of it #lol I saw this too late :/

Imagine you get downvote 100% from all the sp he got. Straight from 71 down to hell hahaa GREAT JOB though, love the gif!

!giphy justin sun

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Everybody picks... sometimes.

Isn't that an REM song from the 90's?


Wait what this is not "that" justin right? o_o

The man himself.

Yeah I just figured....after seeing so called justin on a thumbnail or something..

Sigh everyone picked his nose but doing it in a formal setting is quite....sigh I'm glad I saved my eyes though I'm still seeing this sigh.

You definitely did not leave , because your Showcase Sunday is keeping you alive even though you are not around. I came to know about it few days back , so you already set up a brand that takes care of your presence, even though you are not around.

That's very true!

I noticed that little thing I did there is still alive. I wanted to bring that up here today and thank everyone for keeping it going but instead I rambled out jokes and got carried away. Oh well!

I didn't know that you take longer breaks so I was panicking and thinking that this was the end of the world!!! Can you see me panicking and running around aimlessly? That's what I did. For four months. So it's good to have you back. I can now stop.

If this man puts that booger in his mouth, my career here is over!
I'm not sure if anyone else saw what I saw but for me, it felt like slow motion.

I did and had to stop watching it before I found out because it was too exiting for me. Good to know that he didn't.

Nice to have you back!

Running around aimlessly is apparently quite healthy, I hear. I can totally see it and might sell this idea now so I can afford even longer breaks, and help even more people. Hmmm.... I appear to be speaking out of my ass again. I should get that checked.

Nice to see you!

Running around aimlessly is apparently quite healthy, I hear.

You are absolutely correct. Your ass is fine. But then again people should get their asses checked more often. To whom, I don't know, perhaps to the neighbor or some random guy on the streets. Tell me how did it go when you're done.

I ripped down all my Ned posters.
Smashed my set of Ned mugs.

Psh you thought you had it bad. I had to laser remove my Ned tattoo. Kids, don't drink too much around tattoo parlor. You might do something you regret later.

P.S. Good to see you're back, my guy. I was wondering where the hell you went. I even mentioned the fact that you are most likely my favorite author around these parts. Appreciate your brutal candor. Please, never change!

I saw the mention dude. I've read nearly all the messages and mentions I received since being away. It would be easy to allow the kindness and praise I receive here go straight to the head, inflating it beyond all known stress limits. I would have blown up a long time ago though, had I allowed that to happen. One of the first things I had to learn here after showing up so many years ago was how to take a genuine compliment. Years later I'm still confused and can't figure out what the hell it is that I do "right" to impress you folks and get a reaction like this or the kind words while I'm here or away. A simple "thank you" is all I can ever seem to come up with in response and it never feels like enough but it's all I have. The simple words take the place of a feeling I can't describe.

So much uncertainty and confusion happening around here lately, yet my face is still feeling the impact of the smile that first started while I was sitting here writing the jokes and continued on throughout the day as I sat here experiencing this reaction from everyone. Those muscles hadn't been used in a long time. Still stiff. ...And that's just me being real with you.

What do they say about fine pieces of literature? They're nutrition for the soul? Brain? I'm not sure but that's what I felt once I finished reading this - as if I'd just eaten a very satisfying meal.
Glad to have you back!

And this fine review of yours shall be dessert. Thank you very much! Good to see you!

LMAOOOO it's awesome to have you back! I burst out laughing too many times reading this, thanks good sir xD

Well then I guess my work here is done, for today. My goal was to get a laugh, you laughed, and I'm smiling. Thanks!

Poured gas all over the Valentine I made for Ned. Burned it then snorted the ashes.

Pics or it didn't happen.

Ha! "Pics!" Get it?!

Too late, I'm sorry. No amount of picking will be able to gather enough evidence to prove this now.

Welcome back to the city.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

I missed the city. That's something I need to do next, or soon, at least. I've yet to have a look at the tribes and see what's shaking. There's much to learn, all over again.

Welcome back :D

Thank you very much!

Welcome back @nonamelefttouse, but to @ned and @justin, whose weird post this week has set the community wagging with so many unanswered questions!

Hey! Your style of combining prose and poetry is unique, a hybrid genre needed to be adopted by all literary enthusiasts!

Welcome, again and again!!

One question was answered for me though, personally, without asking. I can tell that Justin dude at least has a sense of humor. They both joked about the random compliments on their feeds. Ned basically did the same joke about someone saying he's amazing or some shit like that shortly after but his delivery was off and he forgot to raise his voice and sound sarcastic intentionally. For someone who doesn't speak English as a first language, Justin did a good job with that joke. I know some folks took those little quips seriously but I could sense the humor there. I'm sitting here analyzing humor at a time when things are tense, which is kind of lame, but whatever. That's how I am I guess. Oh! I also ramble in my responses sometimes as well. What's up with that?

Hey! Thanks for stopping in and being a part of this...whatever the hell happened here today thing.

It is my pleaure! Thanks

Nice to have you back❤️

I hope I can remember how to respond to comments. Been awhile.

You’ll be alright, baby steps!

The last time I did baby steps, I banged my head on the coffee table. There's a dent and it's my fault but I'm over it.

Firstly... About Effin time.

Now I will read :)

I read the classic I quit! posts and thought goddammit I'm home!

You missed us. Really glad you are feeling refreshed and ready to face the drama once again.

Feeling good. Good enough anyway. Life always throws a curveball my way. The drama will always be there. I might look away though, rather than facing it. We'll see how things go I guess. I'd prefer things to be calm but these things aren't up to me.

Just have some fun and take part where you want to turn your attention toward. It isn't bad to let the drama take a backseat of course, but that is hard in the attention economy at times. When you are ready for discord, you know where to find me off-chain :)

I really should check out this discord thing hey? I've been here forever and I've yet to take that plunge.

When you do:

tarazkp#5792 fell apart for some reason. It is still there of course, but I do not know who uses it.

Should probably just sell that chat to Justin as well because why not?

Should probably just
Sell that chat to Justin as
Well because why not?

                 - nonameslefttouse

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@crimsonclad? want some Tron cash?

That span of time, while here focused on this, can seem like a long time. It flew by for me though. Most of it, a blur.

Welcomed back. I also used a 'justin' pun. U must of learned from ur PM. Actually I recommended your blog to someone I really respect as a person and a writer. He pointed out that you didn't post in a couple months. But he enjoyed what you posted. He has since passed.
Anyway, welcome back!

"You in Steem yet?"


I think I will skip on the cruder versions ;D

10% in.

Thanks and thanks again! Much of that stuff stands the test of time. It's tough leaving, knowing full well some folks consider old stuff irrelevant combined with the internet's short attention span. Gotta do what you gotta do though.

Jist checked the timing, you left 2 days before the justin re-election and you returned 2 days after the justin buy out. It's just2 convenient.
I don't need anymore signs to reach my conclusions.
I am entertained by coincidence and conspiracy.

These Justins are everywhere and we should be very afraid.

AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE, I just checked my fuckin' feed and I didn't expect to see your name out there. It's great to have you back, you should read some more and you'll laugh at the clowns who just bought Steemit, you'll have a good time

For the most part, I'll be staying out of the politics. I just want to have some fun. If they're clowns, whatever. Hopefully they can laugh at me too.

Nice to see you back, and I’m a bit inspired to also take a break from Internet. Although right now so much is happening here I would have a hard time staying away hehe. So during this time do you hide out in the forest, go camping, or live in a bunker ? Or do you simple turn off your internet connection ?

I go away, I come home. Even with a connection available, if I've decided to "detox" from this stuff, that decision is set in stone, until I'm ready to be addicted again. Maybe I'll write a few posts about my experiences as of late but I'm sure you know by now, I rarely speak of my life here. Good to see you again!

I think we all need to detox once in a while. These days so many are completely consumed by technology, that we miss the big picture of what life is about.
Alright, I’ve decided the the only way for me to stop is to break my phone. If you don’t hear back you know it worked. Okay here we go I’m gonna throw it on the floor...

Damn nothing happened. I should never have gotten a Nokia ..

Folks a bit younger than I don't even know life without it exists. It's easier to quit than cigs but as you can see, I've relapsed.

Do those Nokias still bounce? That was always one of my favorite features.

Haha they still bounce ;)

I didn't miss you but I'm very glad your back. I would have been happier if it were @surfermarley coming back, but you are a decent enough 'comebackkid' replacement.
I think you were trying to sneak back in under the cloak of Tron but was spotted.....
And that's my comment. Until the next moment in time and space our narrow paths cross, Take care of yourself.

I didn't miss you either. To be honest, I forgot you existed, until now. Thanks for the reminder. Zing! Just messing with you.

I wonder if she'll ever come back. I'm sure that would make a lot of folks happy.

Warm welcome back eh, lol

Don't dish it out if you can't take it, some say.

It's all good!

And it would be good to get @surfermarley back. I bet she comes back at some point. Would be nice to see the return of old Steemians!

There are a lot of great posters who have sadly drifted or suddenly gone. A bit sad but just life I guess. Looking forward to a post about how you managed with no internet though. I couldn't imagine it!

Nothing wrong with a good ol' fashioned hefty hiatus! Does a body good sometimes. Welcome back!

Thank you and yes, everyone deserves a vacation from time to time. If I don't balance these things, I just go nuts.

Agreed. Otherwise there is a tendency not to see the forest for the trees after a while, at least in my experience.

Lol ... nice to have you back

Within seconds I counted 1000038 posts about it because I had nothing better to do that day. I saw the panic. I read the classic I quit! posts and thought goddammit I'm home!

Feels good to be back.

SHOWTIME! He's back, finally.
(We) missed you man. Good to have you back.

Nice to see you again. I'm glad so many have shown up here today. This makes me feel good. Cool! Thanks.

I covered that part of the screen with a cat so I didn't have to look at it.


I DEFINITELY "dig your style"!

This is the best post I have read all day!

Enjoy your "out and about" and welcome back :)

The best post you read all day? What a coincidence! This post just so happens to be the best post I wrote all day!

Good to see you again!

Sounds like it is a GOOD day all round then haha! And likewise :D
Don't stop now, you're on a ROLLL!!!!

Fucking @neds hair maintenance costs finally got the best of him and he had to peace the FO... after grabbing the money and running of course. Oh well, good for him. However, I never thought he was a bad guy, kind of how nobody really hates god even though his creation is all twisted and messed up. Glad to see you're back though after an extended leave of absence. Now I can heal the abscess in my heart. Phew.

What I wrote up there is just jokes. Ned is just some dude, living a life somewhere, combing that hair. Someday he'll lose that hair though. Then he'll come crawling back...

Hair product's ain't cheap! At least the quality ones.

This is true. I had professional hair for quite a few years. Now I just go for the homeless look because I can.

Welcome to home


Welcome back buddy. I figured you were about to jump back in about now!

It's usually about 3-5 months. There will probably a short two or three week break in a little while. People should eventually see the pattern. I can't announce these things. Can't schedule it. Happens when it happens. I dropped quite a few hints before I left though. A few knew it was coming. So now I'm back.

Good to see you again!

Justin came and we are mopping up a tSUNami of semen!!!

Welcome back, man!

I saw a comment the other day. Someone was like, "Fork and call it STEEMEN instead!" I'm paraphrasing but it almost made me break my silence just to bring up the fact, I invented STEEMEN long ago, and even made a new logo...

That thing is ancient. Probably all dried up by now... Good to see you man!

Haha, dried up steemen. I do believe I remember the first outing. Fossils now!!

Aye, it's good to see you back. Place is still a shitter :0D

First time was way ... way way way way wuh way back when STEEM first started to move up after the all time low...quite a bit... and I nearly jizzed in my pants. So why not write a joke about it! I think it was one of the better STEEM mooning posts out of the tens of thousands that day.

That's the thing when it moons, there are no end of shitthe price has moved! posts so when a good one pops up it always stands out!!

I thought I was just in time but instead, it's Justin time.



You came justin time, hahahaaaaa. sorry, I had to
Same ol' same on the blockchain: everyone's leaving, Steem's going to die and so forth. Nice to have you back.

This place is just incredible. More lives than a cat or some shit like that. It's like Elvis, somehow, if you think really long and hard about that one.

I missed you

You folks with your coolness around here. It's always hard to leave. Damn near impossible so I go, and don't look back, so the break gets done. Coming back is always something I look forward to... and that be the community's fault.

I’m still trying to figure out that whole clean break thing... glad to see you back, and I forgive you ignoring my message asking where the hell you went 🙃❤️

I have a lot of catching up to do. Nobody blew up my phone, as they say, this time around, so that's cool. I guess I'm much like a television series. Season Five already... time flies.

Welcome back. You were sorely missed, but the timing of your return was impeccable!

Somehow I always manage to show up during times like this. When things are going smoothly, I vanish for a bit. I'm doing it backwards?

It's truly great to see so many familiar faces here today. It's good to see you again, man, and thanks for stopping in!

welcome back bro


He's a long time fan, you made him stop lurking and finally create an account.

I was thinking maybe we're bros at first sight.

Glad to have you back man :D
Love your read 🤟

Glad to be here. Thanks for that and of course it's good to see you again as well. Been a rough few days for everyone lately, but seeing you all here is a damn good sign, in my eyes.

We all got hooked man, its hard to resist. To be honest, im glad it tured up this way. The future seems uncertain but thats the fun part right?

Hope you rest your soul :D

The future is always uncertain. That's life. Some folks enjoy pretending they can predict outcomes. Worry is usually another way people trick themselves into thinking they can predict the future. Sometimes that worry leads to more problems than the actual problems folks are worrying about. The mind is such a fun place to live inside.

Yes, @NoNamesLeftToUsedefinitely a change that for those of us who suffered with the Internet signal we didn't know when we read the post about it, they changed our landlord and we didn't even realize it, so all we have left to do is to ask for more users with enough voting power and why not add another currency to the rewards, thanks and happiness always

Posted using Partiko Android

"....more users with enough voting power." For years I've been saying this place needs far more invested content consumers. That's where the money is, in the entertainment industry, always. Of course, it becomes difficult to attract those billions upon billions of dollars if there's nothing here for the general consumer to enjoy. Paying consumers could easily outpace the inflation rate here, create strong demand for the token, provided they have an incentive to spend money. Anywhere else, people will donate money to content creators. Here they can spend 20 bucks and vote forever, supporting their favorites, as they do anywhere else. When they spend that 20 anywhere else, it's gone forever. The consumers must spend another 20 in order to continue supporting their favorite creators. Throwing that money away, everywhere else. The consumer gets a far better deal, here. They just don't know that yet, and the general consumers out there won't be too interested in supporting our constant barrage of internal posts that don't mean much to a general audience outside, looking in. I think I've become bored with yelling at the clouds about this simple problem though.

I totally agree, we need something to boost and what you propose would be a great solution, happiness always

So glad your post is in fornt of Justine

This was a good day.

welcome back bro