What!!?!?!? Under 90K Beta Packs Left! - Travelgirl’s Splinterland Beta Packs Giveaway! | Travelgirl 送 Beta 卡包活動

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Hi Everyone,

Since my post yesterday that there were just under 100k Beta packs left, I checked just now that we only have less than 90k packs left! To be precise, we have 89443 packs left at the time of writing. I didn’t expect to see 10k sold in less than 24 hours after I wrote my last article. How awesome is that!!!

I did say I was going to give some Beta packs away soon so here it is! I will be giving away 3 packs away to 3 lucky winners. I think the FOMO has started to kick in now as Beta packs are selling like hotcakes!

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 9.37.20 pm


How to join this contest?

Rules are simple:

  • Follow me (no upvote is required but would be appreciated)
  • Tell me in the comments section below which up coming reward card you look forward in getting and why.
  • Winners will be drawn via Randomresults in 3 days (Results will be announced on Thursday night Sydney time)

Check out this link to see what the new cards will be introduced in the new season.

Good luck everyone and special thanks to @steemmonsters for sponsoring these packs

大家好, Splinterlands 的 Beta卡包現在只有8萬多包,很快就買完. 我想大家都想多買一些希望可以開到好卡因為今次買完就不會在印. 很久沒有送卡給大家就想用今次機會送出 3 包給 3位幸運兒

怎樣參加 :

  1. 跟隨我 @travelgirl (不需要點贊但有就最好哈哈)
  2. 在新獎勵卡當中,你最想擁有那一張,告訴我為什麼
  3. 3 天後我就會公布得獎者名單 (我會用 randomresult 來抽得獎者)

想知道有什麼新獎勵卡可以到這裡 查看新卡介紹.

祝大家好運 ! 感謝 @Steemmonsters 贊助


animation by @catwomanteresa

Travelgirl pic.jpeg

Thanks for reading. If you like my post, please follow, comment and upvote me. There will be more exciting posts & destinations to come.

謝謝你們收看。 請你們繼續跟隨,留言和投我一票 . 我會分享更多遊記和其他有趣的 blog.

All photos & videos are taken by me & co in all my blogs/stories unless quoted. 每張相片和視頻都是我們自己拍的

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greetings, dear and honey @travelgirl

its a little to late

How so? The cards are not out yet!!! Or you mean beta packs?

Beetle Queue 火隊崛起既key卡

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Love the chicken lol

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Hahahha I am with you in that



I want the chicken card, since it's 0 mana and I can fit it into any low mana cap team :D

Everyone wants the chicken!!

I'm looking forward to the Fallen Specter especially once he gets to higher levels, ranged arrack can be annoying against the death deck. Fallen Specter would help soften the blows.
Following you and upvoted.

Yah def good for higher levels!

chicken would also be handy though 😂

Of course the Golden Chicken!

KFC! 😂😂

Furious Chicken,希望能来一张鸡卡,这么多人想要未来肯定增值!

S*it, why lah I started this SM. Curiosity is killing this Feral Spirit

I wanna to have any of 4 for universal gameplay! ;)

Of course, furious chicken. This is at least funny)

Lord Arianthus - I need one more to level it up to level 2

hello! Yes i'm sure everyone wants Lord Arianthus but the contest is asking you about the new reward cards haha. Let me know which one you want to have!

My bad, love the furious chicken LOL

I just like chickens 😂👌🐔

Hahahah kfc!!!

Bettle Queue. 就差一个可以给火系补血的卡。





Naga Windmaster....
Because I only want to play with my water serial...and it has poison for water serial too...looks good to me...

No chicken?? Lol

No chicken...I prefer fish....ha ha ha ha ...

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為啥想要這張??因為他讓我想到Chicken attack雞雞攻擊這首歌XD...


Furious Chicken, because...it's a chicken!


I'm looking forward to the chicken as it's something totally new, being 0 manna.

Yah chicken seems to be the popular choice 😂

Fallen specter! Because with it's possibilities it can become excellent addition to my deck and help in many battles espesially at higher levels

Yah higher levels may be great!

Beetle Queen looks quite nice. Having a healer in the fire deck is what I've been waiting for.

I think many people have been asking for one for fire splinter 😬

Furious Chicken, because it will be a must card in any game that you can't fill all the card slots.

Popular choice here!

我選這張 furious chicken。


😂😂 你間接性透露左年齡嗎?

I am looking forward to getting that chicken!


I bought 5 packs last week myself...

Posted via Marlians.com

And then just bought a 6th one.

Posted via Marlians.com

Gosh any good cards? Btw you from the steemitmama group ?

I am from @steemitmamas!

I am one of the moderators <3

Hahah chicken is a popular one!

the chicken!, I don't have it yet!!! @balticbadger

It’s not out yet!!! Lol

Hello there @travelgirl cool constest, those packs are running out for sure! I'd love the bessing of a Frost giant honestly or sum up a summoner card and increase my lvl in the game.

To be eligible tell me a card from the new reward cards coming out after this season

Sea Genie
i want to level up my Genie to get more powerful magic

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