Hard Fork 21 Meme Contest

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Want to win a free Steem Monsters Beta Booster Pack?

I have one Steem Monsters Beta Booster pack left to give away.

Create an original meme about Hard Fork 21 (Hard Fork 22 is just a patch to Hard Fork 21).

The main changes to Hard Fork 21 are the EIP and SPS.


  • Must be an original meme
  • One meme per person
  • Results will be posted after 24 hours
  • Winner wins a Steem Monsters Booster Pack (BETA Edition)

Good luck!

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Area 51 Naruto Run 30092019001301.jpg



Wow great contest i am going to make meme.thanks for organisating

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Awesome! I will put my thinking cap on 👍🏻🤔 love a good meme 💯 this could be fun!

I'm in💪💪😂

Posted using Partiko Android

Right on time. We need some fun around here don’t you think?

💯 YES We do! Steem should be a fun happy place as well as an educational one ☝🏼