Meme Roast Contest Results

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Winner winner chicken parmesan! Thanks for my SM pack :) not the greatest time to hold a competition but hey I ain't complaining

It was def a dank one. Congrats

#justinesunexpectedjourney (into someone elses body)

If I said it, i Meme it! Its the best time to meme a steemian when the chain is down and they cant defend themselves or retaliate

Lol.. oh yes I’m raging over here.. prepare for the retaliation!! 😛 thanks for the giggles.

Lol.. the last two wins have been trolls on me 😂😅🤣 Love it

Didn’t think of that until you just mentioned it. Really didn’t have much to choose from.

Oh I wasn’t criticizing, just giggling 😜

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