Meme roast contest - Win a steem monsters pack!

in meme •  11 months ago  (edited)
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I'm going to roast Cardi J aka @justineh

Cardi J.jpg

Some ideas to give you some inspiration, these are not entries.












It's outdated but it's my favorite Steem Meme of all time.


hehe I've not seen that one before

You have the the source. I can do some Photoshop on Dan's hair. I once made Dan Ms Frizzie from the Magic School Bus so I just may have the right skill set.

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these are the 3 images I started with. :)





paging @elgeko

@aggroed, come at me bro!

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WTF is this?

Your roasts are all soft guys, you're afraid to hurt someone? A Roast is supposed to be hard!

You must give each other a real hard beating like @berniesanders took when he was fighting @haejin.

Plus you must make them feel really uncomfortable, kinda like Steemit Inc. feels with @timcliff always up in their ass!

And about the prize, well it figures @themarkymark - or should I say low budget @yabapmatt - had to go fetch the prize from some other project cuz God knows nobody is getting near any of his.

I've given away thousands of Steem in prizes.

Personally sponsored a few minnows myself.

I have always given away Steem Monsters packs that I purchased for well over a year now.
A roast is based on facts, not something made up in your head.

You didn't understand the low budget part, I never said the prizes were low budget.

Hey, Roasts aren't for everyone, sorry for barging in.

Oh, I know what you meant, but you did say I horde everything as well.

Oh, I know what you
Meant, but you did say I horde
Everything as well.

                 - themarkymark

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

AAAaaah, nope, the way you say it is everything here, it could be understood both ways... Either that way that you hoard everything like you understood it, or that "nobody is getting near his projects" because your projects suck, my intention. :P

Now this right here is a proper roast.

Show us how it is done.

🤣 😂 😅 🤣 😂 😅


You wouldn't believe how many people asked me where is Partiko.

Same here, it’s been months! We need to get partiko on steem engine! 😀

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I like esteem a lot better

This guy gets it

Pretty sure Pariko is dead at this point and just running in auto pilot.

just waiting for the hosting to stop at this point lol


For clarity, I am referencing the cabin meme contest

Not sure how words can't be a meme but ok.

If ya wanna play loose and fast with what you consider to be a meme then I guess so?

Maybe you should try harder if you want to win a contest, and maybe actually follow the rules next time.

My roast is that the winner ya picked wasnt even a meme. This isnt about me not winning? Im okay with not winning even if I had the best meme ever because it wasnt entered from my personal acct but merely for participation. I posted an extra meme that wasnt part of the contest, your rules said only one entry and I only made one entry.

Sure looked like a meme to me, what was it a loaf of bread?

An image simply having words on it doesnt auto-magically turn it into meme lol. A loaf of bread would have been funnier, at least it woulda caused that "wtf, this makes no sense haha" react. Still, your contest your choice, but I stand by my roast.

Hint: The more lewd, drunk or stupid wins the contest.

@themarkymark this is not a loaf of bread