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Hey Steemians,

This is my entry into @fibra59's meme challenge. If you keen to join, check out his post here.

I think All @steemmonsters fans have been here at this point...


Make Steem Not War!!

And if you like what you read, feel free to upvote, comment and resteem!

Much Love From Sunny Cape Town, @mimismartypants

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LOL, that's proper funny, it happens way to often, losing streaks are too real. Can I at least keep my dark energy crystals sir?

Lol what good are the cystals if you banished though! 🤣

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what?!?!?! they banish you! hahahahahahahahaha

that's so messed up! LOLOL funny meme! you always make the best memes!! LOL

LOL they don't really! But it sure feels like it!! From the leagues at least! LOL thanks @dreemsteem. Mimi's are born to meme!

Hi, @mimismartypants!

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