Solos Weekly Picks - Splinterlands

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I am quite excited for the week, there are some big changes coming to Splinterlands in the future and I am looking forward to these. Starting on Saturday the land presale will be on and many will be buying plots, tracts and regions. I am holding DEC to make a few purchases, at first I was thinking of moving DEC into ETH using Uniswap just days before the sale to keep my token value more stable. Though I have been surprised that DEC has held quite the stable value and quite the opposite has happened to ETH in the last few days.

If you have not tried out Splinterlands give it a try, its the number one gaming Dapp. Not only on Hive, but for all blockchains!
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For more information on the land presale

Here are some minnows discussing Splinterlands:

Our decision about Splinterlands Land Pool by @peakmonsters

With the announcement of lands, tracts and regions it seems many would like to do pools to buy into these NFTs. Some good points are brought up in this post regarding region voting, and how running a land pool will benefit users. Long story short, they will be purchasing a region.

Usage/win rate of monsters and summoners for each league | Season 49 by @jacekw

With ranked battles going on for many months now, maybe even more than a year. Lots of data can be pulled from these battles to better help understand which cards are most effective than others. In this post cards effectiveness are broken down into the rankings Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Champion. Lots of good data here to pour over.

Monster Burner Post 184 - November 3 2020 by @monster-burner

One interesting dynamic of this card game is the ability to burn cards. By doing this you can release DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) from the cards when burned. These tokens can be used to buy other cards, potions and eventually land. In this post commenters get to decide which card to burn next.

Land Buying is coming on Splinterlands on 7th November by @alokkumar121

In this video, the upcoming land sale is discussed. The date and some details are talked about in this video and from the sounds of it he will be buying some plots of land if possible.

Why I don't like Splinterlands lands by @spelkin

Not everyone is impressed by the land sale, many feel like its just another way for Spinterlands to make profits. I can see where people are coming from. One of the points brought up is they should be focusing on the cards rather than creating other proposals that will have little value is to add load on the main layer. My thoughts on this is @aggroed stated these lands will generate items which are going to be used in future battles. So maybe its possible @spelkin did not hear this in the AMAs. The other points have to do with poor mobile gaming experience. I have tried it on mobile and I am happy with it so not sure why its the experience is poor on their device. I do know it eats up battery like crazy on my phone, its better to play on tablets from my experience.. or just on desktop.

Thats my curation of five minnows on the Hive Blockchain for the week. Stay tuned next week to see the next five of Solo's picks.

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Thank you so much @solominer for picking my post. Have a great day.

Ah glad to share it, thanks for talking about the upcoming land sale.