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Hey all. It's Sunday night. That means it's Minnow Mayor Town Hall. The Splinterlands Kickstarter is nearly $100k, SMTS are apparently done and announced, and there's apparently some flagging happening. Seems like a good time to get the people together to talk it through.

I'll be live on air tonight at 9pm EST. That's about 2 hours from the time this post launches. You can join me at or through

Justineh may be late or may not make it. We'll see. So... I could grab someone from the audience. Ramble solo. Or play some music and some dice bitches. I think this week we'll just play it by ear...


Great to be part of the show, mate. Appreciate the invitation.

Great to be part of
The show, mate. Appreciate
The invitation.

                 - mattclarke

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you @aggroed for Saving STEEM by co-creating Steemmonsters and being the Father of Steem-Engine.

With joy you share interesting information between laughs and good energy, you can learn a little about what happens and comes for Steem. Congratulations on your program. Good vibes.

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Are these shows recorded?

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