'A Deep Blackness' - New Original Music Inspired by Splinterlands! Electronic/Ambient/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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This song came together

last night, initially starting with just Track 2, and adding some layers on top. The drums were added at the last minute, but I think it worked to add that thumpy low-end. The kick rhythm had to be offset slightly by like, 1/32nd note at most, because of the attack on Track 2, which I tried to edit, but didn't seem to do much, so the original sample must have a little swell at the beginning. Overall, I like the idea here, but I think I need to go in and match up the rhythms between tracks a little more, and maybe drop some low-end on the synths so the harmonies will be a little more audible.

Listen to A Deep Blackness here.

Track 3 provides a similar

instrument to Track 2, adding a little melody line in a higher register. Track 3 provides the distorted, heavily delayed synth, and Track 5, the distorted, rhythmic synth, which adds a little harmony line and some variation in texture. Finally, we have Track 6, the drums, which just use the kick from the 'glas kit', which I've been using a lot lately (maybe too much, lol). I think this has some good ideas, I love the floaty vibe before the drums come in, but the harmonies need to be a little more clear, so as I edit this, I'll continue to update.

Screenshot 20191130 20.59.27.png

Track 2, rumbling low-end.
Listen to A Deep Blackness here.

Screenshot 20191130 20.59.38.png

Track 5, rhythmic distorted synth.

I wanted this to have

a really rumbly sort of low-end, which would give it a deep sea vibe, which I think was accomplished with Tracks 2 and 3. The others were supposed to be more focused on harmony and the mid/high range textures. These need to be timed a bit better I think, and maybe blended with the lower tracks a little more, so they'll sort of float in and out, again, giving it a nautical sort of thing.

I hope you like the sounds, I'll update as the song comes together. Thanks for listening!

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Great work on the track

thanks, appreciate it!