'A Presence in the Shadows' - New Original Music Inspired by Splinterlands - A 20 Minute Writing Challenge, to Try and Create a Basic Idea - Electronic/Ambient/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I figured that I was long overdue for

Track 5, Fill, w/ Ascending Scale that will be removed
a song inspired by Splinterlands, so I decided to do a quick 20 minute songwriting challenge last night, just to try and get some sort of rough idea, then work on it over the course of a few days and see if I can't make it more interesting. This is the result! I knew I wanted the Shadowy Presence to be the inspiration this time, so I figured something dark and ambient would be good. I decided to not confine myself to acoustic instruments/medieval sort of vibe that Splinterlands evokes at times, and was going to just use any and every sound if I liked it. Overall, I think this idea is solid, though it probably should repeat one more time, getting more intense, and there are a lot of little changes to make throughout. Of course, it also needs some more stuff going on, but for only 20 minutes this isn't bad. I started with Track 1, which just drones along on a D for the entire song, though the filter and effects below it swell and shift around.

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Track 3, Background Harmonies

Listen to A Presence in the Shadows here...

Track 2 was going to be another droney track, but I took a

Track 9, Bass Part
few sections of it, twisted and warped them, and wound up with a really interesting, glitchy, kind of scary noise which comes in at a few points. Track 3 provides some actual harmony, which I figured was good to have, but I didn't want it to overpower the droney ambience. Tracks 4 and 5 both add some little filler parts, with Track 5 pictured above, next to the first paragraph. I don't like the ascending scale in that section, so that'll be removed; wound up sounding kind of goofy. Track 6 adds a kick drum. This was a decision I wasn't sure of, as I liked the instrumental thus far, but I think it will work, though maybe with a different kick that has more mid-range and harder attack. However, the effect of the noise in Track 2 fading out and suddenly the kick appearing wound up working great, though it was accidental. Track 7 adds a single noisey, warped D that hits every few measures. Track 8 was a LABS synth, which I added the Cassette Transporter to so it drops out and back in. This just plays a D, G, F and a lower Bb, before repeating, which turned out to be really cool, as it sort of moves in and out of the other tracks. Finally, we have Track 9 which is a bass part. This too will probably be changed, or at least augmented, but I like the general pattern.

Hope you enjoy! I'll do more updates as I add more!

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Really cool track and fantastic effort with the post.



thanks! I really appreciate it!