'Alric's Lair' - New Original Music - Another 8Bit/Video Game Tune, Inspired by Splinterlands - Electronic/8Bit/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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So I decided to keep playing around with

Track 1, A Section, Eb-, Ab-, Db-, Eb-
this new MiniBit instrument, and figured I'd try and create a series of maybe five or six songs, with an 8bit/old school video game style, inspired (sort of loosely) by Splinterlands characters/cards. I decided to not go overboard this time, and limit myself to 3 harmonic/melodic instruments, and then 'one' track for drums (technically it's 3 tracks here, since I have to add a new MiniBit instrument for each part, but I'm counting them as one drum track). Track 1 is where I started, which outlines the 2 sections of the song, an A section (in Teal) and B Section (initially in Orange, but then in 4 different colors the second time around). The A section was going to just be quick arpeggios, though I added some passing tones so they're sort of scalar lines. The basic progression is Eb minor, to an Ab minor, then up to a Db minor (which adds an interesting b2 dissonance, with an E natural), before returning to Eb minor.

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Track 3, Second B Section

Listen to Alric's Lair here...

The B Section plays 2x, with the second time twice as long,

AudioThing's MiniBit UI
though there is some variation. The first time around, we begin on B, to C, to Bb, and Ebmin, then back to B, and down a whole step to A, adding an interesting dissonance, before returning to the A section. The second B section follows this same pattern for the first 3 chords (B, C, Bb), but then substitutes an Ebmaj in temporarily. Then it has a new section, B to C to Gb. It then repeats the 1st B part again (with the Ebmin), and finally, B, C, Gb, and Bbmin, back to the A part. Track 2 adds full chords (some divided up into linear lines) which outline all these same progressions, using the 'harp' preset. Track 3 was initially just a bass part, but I also wound up adding a second line with it, which provides a bit of a melody over everything after the first A section. Finally, we have Tracks 5, 6 and 7, the drums, which are grouped together. I really love the snare/noise sound in MiniBit, it is great, and actually is something I'll probably use outside of these 8bit songs.

Enjoy the tune!

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Yeah, 8-bit power. I love it. The refrain sounds a bit like "Axel F".

thanks! appreciate you listening to it.