'Droidgery' - New Original Music Inspired by Splinterlands - Pt. 1 in a Series: Mapping the Basic Idea, a Few Instruments - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I decided last night I would

start another song, inspired by Splinterlands. I wasn't sure where to go with it, but I had found a couple of very 'digital' sounding synths, and figured that the Rusty Android would be a good character to name the tune after. Although he may not be used much in game, and is often the butt of jokes, he inspired a pretty cool idea here! I will be working on this over the course of the next few days, and doing multiple update posts as things progress. Thus far, I think the idea mapped out here is solid, though I want to incorporate a nice break section where things fade out, and a refrain back into the main progression afterwards, which will help give the song a little length, and break up the monotony a bit.

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Track 1, Basic Chords, via Simpler.

Listen to Droidgery here.

Track 1 uses a sampled synth part, which I put into

Ableton's Simpler instrument. The original sample is a minor chord, though it wasn't tuned to a C, so the notes pictured above are actually incorrect by a whole step. The progression moves from Eminor to Bminor, back to Emin, Bmin, and finally Amin. The section afterwards doesn't use Track 1, and drones on a Dmajor, before returning to the first part. The distorted bass and synth parts that inspired the title are Tracks 2 and 7. There is a little lead/melody part in Track 8, which I like a lot, though its a bit quiet here (as are a lot of the more important tracks) so that will all need to be boosted up and mixed at higher levels over the next few days.

As I mentioned before,

one of the first changes will be adding an entirely new break, where the harmony will change a bit, and perhaps the entire vibe, not sure yet. Then, I'm going to go through every track and fix volume levels, as I didn't spend any time on that last night. I was more focused on just getting the idea out, as I really liked what was happening and didn't want to waste any time. The intro definitely needs some tweaking too; I like the idea of a swell with the synths building up, then cutting out on the last 1/4th note hit, with that weird little digital accent placed in the space to give us a sudden drop into the main portion of the track. We'll see where this goes, but so far, I'm excited, as this is the first song in a while I've felt really has potential, and wasn't just part of a writing exercise or something like that.

Hope you like the idea thus far! Stay tuned and let's see what it becomes over the next few days!!!

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