'Droidgery (Version 2)' - New Original Music - Expanding on Yesterday's Idea: Adding Some Length, Fixing Levels, New Instruments, etc. - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I continued to work on this

last night, and I'm really happy with the progress thus far! As you can probably tell from the screenshot above, the song is significantly longer; I added a break section where it previously faded out, and then a refrain back to the main portion of the track, during which we now fade out, which makes things feel a lot more cohesive. I also went through and fixed a lot of little details, particularly in the transitions between sections. All of the parts where things cut out on the last 1/8th note upbeat are much more accurate, as I moved the little audio clips (swelling noisey digital weirdness) to accent the change a bit more accurately, and edited the volume drop outs at points, along with the cutoff on the distorted rhythmic bass synth, so it fades out a bit at certain points too, further accenting the changes. I also doubled Track 1, and panned them a bit opposite of each other; the doubled track also has Xfer's LFOTool on it, to give it that sidechained sort of vibe, which I think helped thicken things up a bit.

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Track 4, Added Break Section.

Listen to Droidgery (Version 2) here.

In the new break, I didn't do anything too wild, instead

opting to just use the basic harmonies I had previously used, but in a bit of a different order. We begin on the Eminor again, but then just move back and forth between A and B minor a few times, before returning to D major chord, which is held out, transitioning us back to the main section at the end. There are also 5 additional tracks added: Track 13 adds some little snare hits which aren't super obvious, but just add to the overall groove, along with a 1/16th note build up on the Dmajor chords. Track 14 adds an accented kick/chimes sort of thing when we begin the break. Track 15 is a simple addition, which just plays an arpeggiated Dmajor chord, and a 3 note pattern over the transitions, which I think worked really well.

Track 16 plays an ascending

D mixolydian line to again accent that Dmajor chord, and on the last note, a high G, the cuttoff swells upwards, giving it a little more distortion to cut through the mix. I don't like how it fades it a bit awkwardly when the transition happens, so that's one of the small changes that will need to be made tonight/tomorrow before this becomes a little more finalized. Finally, I added Track 17, which just provides a white noise swell in the intro; it's a bit too loud, and overtakes the synth swell, so that'll be fixed up too.

Listen to Droidgery (Version 2) here.

I feel like the song needs

a bit more, though I'm not sure how I will achieve that, or what to add. I believe I'll wind up thickening up Tracks 1 and 2 with something else; they're decently loud now, but that part of the song still feels a little thin to me, particularly when compared to everything else that has been layered on since. Perhaps just some mid-y synths to bring out the harmony a little more, without overtaking the timbre of those two might be good, we'll have to see. I also was thinking about adding a more obvious, louder snare part, though I'm not sure if that would really help the tune... I'll experiment with it and see if I like it or not.

Hope you like the updates thus far! I have some new things that I want to fix, and some other ideas that I want to add, so I'll update in the next few days as I continue working out the kinks!

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