'Droidgery (Version 3)' - New Original Music Inspired by Splinterlands - Adding a Bass Part, Editing the Transitions and Lead Part - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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So I spent some more time on

this last night, and am getting close to what I'd consider a finalized version! I added an entirely new track (Track 18), providing a really basic bass part, which sticks mostly to chord tones, though there are a couple little ascending lines to build things up. The instrument isn't too loud, but fills in the gaps between the kick hits nicely, which is what was making the track feel a bit thin in my opinion, so now we've got a beefier low-end. It also cuts out in the break, which really makes that part feel stark, and stand apart from everything around it. I also heavily compressed the bass part, which resulted in not a lot of definition, which when solo-ed didn't sound amazing, but seemed to make it really fit within the song. It also has a slight bit of sidechain compression, dropping out a little with the kick hits, but not so much as to completely disappear.

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Track 18, Bass Part.

Listen to Droidgery (Version 3) here.

I also made some small little edits at various points throughout

the song, including the little fill in Track 15, pictured to the left here. The first time around, it ends with the 3 note line, D-F#-E, but the second time, the D is muted, instead just hitting the F# when the other tracks drop out, and accenting the first beat of the following measure. Track 10, the Lead Synth, which plays the ascending melody line's over some of the A sections of the track also had a little edit. Instead of ending with two bars overlapping the B section (the held D chord), it now ends right on the first beat of that section, with a little half step bend down from F# and back up again, which wound up working great, and really helped those transitions be a lot more apparent.

Screen Shot 20200615 at 9.38.14 PM.png

Track 10, Lead Synth.

Hope you like the changes! I think I'll go back and really fine tune the levels and effects where-needed, and share a final version soon!

Check out my new E.P. numerical here.

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Dude that is awesome! I love it.
I really like Droid lunch break at 2:10 and then the boss is like "wrap it up boys!""Time to get back to work!" and 2:50 hits for the last leg of the shift.

When I listen to new things, I always compare it to my previous knowledge...Oh that sounds like...
So what came to mind at first thought was Gorillaz, Empire Ants. Half way through when it kicks in.

That is definitely a fantastic Rusty Android song.
Rusty Android.png

thanks man! yea I'm really happy with how this came out, appreciate you checking it out.

love that song, appreciate the compliment. Gorillaz are awesome. that third record didn't get as much attention as Demon Days I feel, but it has some really great songs on it.