'Shielded' - New Original Music - Playing Around w/ 'Video Game' Library from ROLI - Electronic/Retro/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I wanted to write a song

inspired by Splinterlands, in the style of an old, retro videogame, and this is the beginnings of that. I decided to only use sounds from the 'Video Game' portion of the ROLI sound library, which was included with Seaboard I purchased a few months ago. I don't know if I love the harmonies here, but I wanted to at least get a basic map of a song set up, so I could edit it over the course of a few days, and make some update posts along the way.

Listen to Shielded here.

Tracks 1 and 2 work together

to provide the chords and arpeggios. Because they're similar in timbre, they overtake each other at certain points, which wound up working out in a really cool way. I was worried that neither one would be heard, but it wound up sounding great as they come in and out of each other. The basic progression is divided into 2 parts, Pink and Green in Track 2. We're in Dminor, and in the Pink parts, we start on Dminor, down to Gminor, a Bminor, and lastly, Cmajor. I think the Cmajor is a bit weak, so it'll probably get replaced with an A7 instead.

Track 3 provides the weird little

melody line, which reminds me of the coin sound in Mario. It adds another layer, which I think may wind up being a different instrument as I edit this. Tracks 4 and 5 are used for transitions and accenting the 1st beat of a section with a gong sort of hit, and finally, we have the drums in Track 6, which use a simple 808 kit. The snare and hihats sound fine, and fit the old-school vibe, but the kick is a bit too full and round, so I need to find something a bit more lo-fi.

Screen Shot 20200413 at 9.17.51 PM.png

Track 1, 8bit synth #1.

Screen Shot 20200413 at 9.18.01 PM.png

Track 2, 8bit synth #2, chords.

Hope you like the idea thus far! This may change quite a bit so I'll continue to update as I work on it more!

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thanks! appreciate the support @tibfox


What program is that you are using?
I am very interested in learning more!

It's Ableton! Ableton 10 specifically.

This is a great track btw !

I was building games and this music would be killer


Thanks, really appreciate it! All the sounds are from the 'Video Games' pack, from ROLI. They make some really cool midi keyboards, and all their instruments include a massive library of sounds.