'The Archmage's Sleeping Spell' - Original Music - Splinterlands Inspired Throwback Tune - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I have a few random little ideas

from the last couple of nights on Soundcloud, but I figured today would be a good time for a throwback, since they're all rather short, or not particularly post-worthy. This song is from last year, probably around a year ago now; I was using Ableton 9 at the time (I've since upgraded to Ableton 10). I had also just started using the Spitfire Audio LABS library (which is still totally free, so I recommend checking it out if you want some interesting sounds), so those show up quite a bit here.

Listen to The Archmage's Sleeping Spell here.

The song is in 5/4, though you

don't really feel it until the more complete drum rhythm comes in. In the intro, it feels a bit like a rubato, with each chord just being held out a bit longer than normal. Harmonically, there is some cool, dissonant stuff happening, particularly in the B section with the ascending arpeggios. I had mapped out the A section entirely, but the B section was basically just me jamming for a few minutes, attempting to figure out a more solid line, which is what was added here to the finished version.

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