'The Harpy's Lair' - New Original Music Inspired by Splinterlands! Rough Draft/Basic Mapping of the Song Idea, Orchestral/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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This is definitely going to be

another multi-part series, as I work on this song for the next Music/Lore contest. There are quite a few parts with some mistakes in various rhythms, and harmonies, in addition to general mixing that needs to happen, but I figured it would be good to start here with a super rough draft, so I can have some more to write about in future updates, and really show the whole process on this tune. Once again, I used Spitfire Audio's LABS for the string ensembles, which sound pretty great, but i had to use Ableton's orchestral ensembles for the brass and woodwinds. I tried to stick with the most realistic of those various instruments within ensembles, which I think worked decently.

Listen to The Harpy's Lair here.

Track 1 is our strings,

with the entire progression in one track. I'll probably wind up splitting it up, so I can mix each "instrument" (bass, cello, violin, viola) separately. Track 2 is the low end of the horn ensemble, with Track 3 providing the more mid/hi-mid stuff. Both of the brass are pretty simple, generally sticking to chord tones, outlining the chord changes from measure to measure. Track 4 is the woodwind ensembles, which begins with just some low end (I believe bassoon?), then the second time around, a flute line comes in which sort of weaves in and out of the strings and brass (an accidental result, but wound up sounding pretty cool).

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Track 1, strings.
Listen to The Harpy's Lair here.

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Track 4, woodwinds (with flute on top).

Track 5 is the timpani,

which sticks to a pretty basic rhythm. I wanted to try and keep them in tune as much as possible, but tried to limit myself to four notes maximum to keep it semi-realistic. Tracks 6 and 7 are the cymbals, one track for the hits on the 1, and the other for the cymbal wash/swell. Track 8 is the tubular bells, which are pretty sparse, mostly just accenting the points with actual chord changes, though occasional I added some extra hits to keep it interesting. Finally, we have Track 9, our snare drum. I wanted to try the militaristic/war-march sort of vibe again, and I use a different snare/drumkit from the previous song, which I think worked well.

Stay tuned, I'll be doing updates as I continue working on this! Despite the mistakes/problems, I think this rough draft gets the idea across decently enough, and is definitely a good start for me, lots to work with. Thanks for listening!

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