'The Haunted Spirit (Rough Draft)' - New Original Music Inspired by Splinterlands! Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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Screenshot 20190820 20.35.12.png

So this is definitely not

the completed version, as it turns out, the piano velocities were not fixed, despite the title on Soundcloud, so it gets way too quiet at certain points. But, the general idea is there, so I figured I could do a couple updates and show the evolution/finalization of the song.

Listen to The Haunted Spirit (rough draft) here.

Track 1 is the weird

sounds that begin the track, which continue at a lower volume for the entire thing. Track 2 is our piano, which is the main part of the song, though the velocity mistakes made it SO quiet at some parts. We are in Bmin, and move between Bmin and Bbmajor in the first 4 bars of each green section, substituting Ebminor for Bbmajor the second set of 4 bars. In the Blue sections, the Bbmajor/Ebminor is replaced with a G#/Ab minor (a minor third down from our tonic). Moving us between the chords are some dissonant little progressions; all of which makes for some super dark moves, which keep the creepy factor up, being inspired by the Death Splinter in Splinterlands.

Screenshot 20190820 20.35.31.png

Track 2, piano, green section.
Listen to The Haunted Spirit (rough draft) here.

Screenshot 20190820 20.36.21.pngTrack 4, upright bass, brown section.

Track 3 is a single

cymbal hit, which accents certain sections, particularly when the drums pick up with the snare hits. Track 4 is one of two drumkits, which provides the hihats and snares, while Track 8 adds just the kicks. Track 5 is the upright bass, which mostly plays over those snare filled sections, and only adding a single note or two max over the Green sections of Track 2. Finally, we have Tracks 6 and 7, which mirror the piano part, but using some spacey synths over the snare sections, so those feel more full.

I'm gonna fix a lot of the little mistakes/oversights tonight, so stay tuned for the final product, hopefully tomorrow! Thanks for listening!

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Hey, this is def inspired by that weird spooky song I like in the game lol!

You can re-do it and just change the volume of the quite track can't you?

haha that's funny you say that, I still haven't heard the song, I completely forgot to unmute since you mentioned that in telegram. I'm gonna check it out now.

yea i'm gonna fix it up. I actually did last night, but I'm guessing I didn't save the changes, and uploaded this verison, lol.

Awesome job @grapthar, really diggin' this!

Thanks! Gonna share the finalized version tonight.

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