'The Mermaid's Lament' - New Original Music - Another 8bit Splinterlands Inspired Song - Electronic/8Bit/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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I have a total 4 of these Splinterlands 8bit

Track 3, A Section (in Red)
songs so far, though the first two that I shared are definitely the coolest, and most legit 'old school' sounding. This was an idea from a couple nights ago; I wanted to try and use an odd meter, but not do anything too proggy or out there, just sort of keep a basic pattern and build off that. I think this idea isn't bad, but it wound up being a little boring, so I think the next odd-meter idea needs to be faster, and more dissonant, something like a boss-battle song with all kinds of crazy planing minor triads or something. I started with Track 1, which outlines the basic progression for two parts, A (in Blue) and B (in Pink). We're in Dmin, and mostly stick entirely to diatonic moves, though there are a lot of changes between the two parts, so I'm not going to list them here, would just be confusing and long.

Screen Shot 2021-03-24 at 9.38.06 PM.png

Track 1, Basic Chords (Outlined w/ 2 Note Dyads)

Listen to The Mermaid's Lament here...

Track 2 initially was just sort of a bass part, but I wound up

Track 4, A Section, Purple
adding more voices in a higher register, which play some chords, which helped to make the progression a little more obvious, instead of just relying on Track 1. Tracks 3 and 4 both handle melodies of sorts at different points, though Track 4 also has an interesting line over the A part, which repeats every 6 beats for 4 bars, then starts again, which you can see above. I think this is kinda cool with the 5/4 under it, though perhaps there is a little too much stuff happening, making hard to focus on any one part. Finally, we have our group at the end, with hats, snares and kicks. I made sure to drop the 'release' setting on all these, as I realized in some of the other songs, it was up quite high by default, and resulted in a muddier sound. I also got rid of the delay on the hats, which was present on the previous two tunes.

This is really cool - it definitely has the right 8-bit sound. What DAW is that - is it Ableton?

Yep, Ableton 10. Thanks for checking it out!

nice I've been jamming out to this while playing SL

hehe thanks! appreciate you listening to it!