'The Naga Fire Temple' - Original Music - Throwback Tune, Inspired by Splinterlands - Orchestral/Instrumental

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I wrote a couple of random little

things last night, but I don't think any of them are long enough for a post, so I figured today would be a good time for a throwback, as I haven't shared one in a while. This song is from early last year I believe, and was written before I upgraded to Ableton 10 and got a bunch of new sounds. This song is one of six or seven that I wrote using Ableton's orchestral packs (the default ones included with the DAW). They aren't the best sounding, and they have very little in the way of articulation, but they work to get the general idea across.

Listen to The Naga Fire Temple here.

Like most of the other songs

from this same 'series', this song is an odd-meter (in this case, 7/4) which helps to give it a certain drive that I think would've been absent from a 4 or 3. There are some interesting dissonances in here, moving from the tonic in the A part up a minor 3rd, but instead of playing the III, a minor iii is used. There is also a modulation between the A and B parts, where that minor 3rd move earlier on helps to move us into the new key relatively seamlessly. I found mixing this giant ensembles a bit difficult, so the timpani feels a bit lost at times, but overall, I like the idea.

Hope you enjoy the throwback tune! Thanks for listening!

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Great music as always! Love it! ~@clove71