'The Phantom Soldier's Lament' - New Original Music/Song Idea Inspired by Splinterlands! Orchestral/Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough!

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So this is the beginning

of what will be my next submission for the Splinterlands Music/Lore contest which I started working on last night. I initially wanted to add some percussion, but I think it works better without, giving a bit more feeling and less of a rigid rhythm. I will probably wind up adding some other instruments, and fixing some of the volume levels, but overall this is the general shape of the tune.

Listen to The Phantom Soldier's Lament here.

Track 1 is our piano,

which is divided into a few sections, Blue, Pink, and Green. The Blue section is where I started, in Ebminor, on our tonic, then to the IV, then our Vii, then iv, before moving on. The Pink section uses the V and iv, while the Green changes keys, to our parallel major of Ebmajor, though most of the other chords are substituted from the original key, which gives it a bit of a lift initially, then turns back to the darker, more ominous vibe of the other sections.

Screenshot 20190825 20.30.15.png

Track 1, Piano, Blue section.
Listen to The Phantom Soldier's Lament here.

Screenshot 20190825 20.30.43.png

Track 5, strings.

Tracks 2 and 3 both

use Native Instrument's Shakuhachi, which sounds awesome but wound up being a little too quiet, so I'll need to pump these up a bit. The final two tracks are both strings, which use Spitfire Audio LABS' string ensembles. These really add a nice vibe to the track, though there are a few points where I put the wrong note and created some accidental dissonances that I'll be fixing.

I hope you've enjoyed the song as it currently sits! I'll keep working on this for the next contest, so stay tuned, and thanks for listening!

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