'The Spider's Bark II' - New Original Music - Song Idea Inspired by Splinterlands - Orchestral/Instrumental + Walkthrough

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This song came together randomly

the other night, as I was just playing around with sounds from Spitfire Audio's LABS library. I wrote the piano progression first, and wanted it to be a sort of odd progression, where things don't really resolve with a strong cadence as it repeats, which I think worked out here. It doesn't feel too jarring, but does add an interesting, dark sort of vibe. I added a few layers from LABS, including handbells, and some strings, with various articulations. Let's go through it!

Listen to The Spider's Bark II here.

Track 1 is the piano,

which plays the following progression: (first 4 bars) F#minor to Dmaj to D7, G, to Eb, (second 4 bars) Emin, C, G, and E7, before repeating. Track 2 is the handbells, which just accent the beginning of each chord change. Track 3 provides some low strings, which stick mostly to root notes, while Track 4 adds some staccato strings that arpeggiate the chords upwards. Track 5 adds some super high end squeels that accent the 1st and 3rd measure of each 4 bar section, and Track 6 a single cymbal wash to move us into the 2nd half of the song.

Tracks 7, 8 and 9

are all strings from LABS, doing various things. 7 adds the string swells, which, unfortunately, are hard to control, as you can't decide where the swells happen, so I had to just sort of roll with whatever happened. Track 8 is some pizzicato strings, in a high register, which also arpeggiate the chords at the beginning of each bar, and finally, Track 9, which uses the 'bartok pizz' articulation, just on single, low hits every other bar, with a ton of reverb.


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Track 1, Piano Progression.

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Track 3, Cellos.

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Track 4, Staccato Strings.


Hope you've enjoyed the song! As I continue working on this, I'll be sure to update here on Steemit!

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