Abundance Challenge Day 14, How Can I Help, How Can I Serve?

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Feeling a lot of gratitude for signing
Dancing with love

It is fascinating to bring the law of Dharma, to find ways of exploring our sacred potential.

One of my relatives, Mukti, is very well read when it comes to spiritual knowledge.

She speaks of art created with external gratification in mind. It resonates deeply with the collective subconscious and the narratives we wish to hear. It can be well rehearsed and therefore technically advanced, think viral videos of unique forms, showcasing work that would make any artist envious.

Creations focussing on internal gratification are usually spiritual in nature. With meditation, it is possible to draw inspiration from an invisible place.

It is important to note that this process is first an experience for the artist, with only self-fulfillment in mind and that it is not always linked to esoteric thought. It is made with acceptance that the public will react the way it reacts, with no intention to direct it one way or another.

When indeed on a spiritual path, the artist is but a mere vessel to the art, just like the Reiki practitioner taps into the infinite source, instead of generating healing vibrations from within their being.

Usually, art is a mix of these two sorts of gratification but the dichotomy is useful as it shines light on one's motivation to write, paint or sculpt.

Ironically, I wager that doing away with how work will be received is most likely to bring everyone just what they need to revitalize their soul.


It was a precious time to look at the assignment of the day, realizing that what brings me and mum joy, are endeavors effortlessly shared with others.


The word pleure, to cry, is there to acknowledge that my sensitivity counts as something I can bring others. By caring about my own problems, empathy comes a lot easier. This matters a whole lot when entire continents are in distress like Australia or Asia at present. I am looking for ways to feel grief without being overwhelmed and crying for small insignificant things, is often a doorway to feeling for the big picture.


The two of us have taken on many workshops for my stay in Montreal, we live wonderful moments together and I am in awe of all of my teachers!


Mum wanted a steak but I convinced her to go vegan for the day. The grocery bough guacamole left to be desired but the beans from a caterer we love were delicious.

I am extremely grateful to have landed Gold 1 league in Splinterlans and to have scored my most valuable reward yet.

Check out this video for a review of 2 comments from the @naturalmedicine community to my latest post about lucid dreaming in addition to the @splinterlands content.

@kimberlylane shares:

I write my dreams down daily and can attest to the wisdom and well-being we can glean from them. My teacher told me that up to 80% of our dreams are premonitions. I thought that kind of a high number though I do have them at times, but I've been going back through journals and highlighting, adding sticky notes and have found many more than I had imagined do foretell some future event--mostly related to those I love and am in interaction with. I'd recommend trying it--looking very closely, but, of course, the first step is taking the time to record them and not to edit what seems a meaningless snippet because these have proven quite valuable in my experience.

A quick look at her blog will show you that the proof is in the pudding. I can think of no other Steemian who can flow their consciousness better on a page. She has a tasteful way of including taboos in her texts while remaining therapeutic in her approach. When @kimberlylane releases her angst, I release it with her and when she goes down the rabbit hole, I crouch along with her. With my natural protection, I feel equipped to deal with whatever ideas will be thrown at me.

It is an honor that she took the time to articulate this comment which serves as great motivation to write our dreams unfiltered. It takes effort to quiet the rational brain that likes to judge but follow this Steemian and you will obtain insight in how to do it!

@vincentnijman also writes:

I tend to sometimes record dreams by voice memo, immediately after waking up from them, this makes it unnecessary to switch the light on when it's still night. I can then always give it a listen and write it down later. My memory gets refreshed while doing this.

I love this tip, it makes me feel as though it's all at my fingertips!
However, like with everything, it takes a certain amount of discipline and I wish you luck if you are interested in starting a dream journal.

Tribes are shaping up to be great examples of living communities where we can unite like never before and exchange our views, influencing each other's ideas.

I hope that you too can easily find valuable things about yourself which you can share with others. If not, please consider pushing through these blockages because I have not a single doubt in your worth, you need but to see and celebrate it!

Mukti has recently taken on watercolor, this is her latest.



Hey @edouard! @porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - Glad you are getting so much out of the Abundance Challenge, I took in the previous one with much benefits too! Love your take on the artist and their work plus those wonderful tips for remembering your dreams which can have a lot of significance! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for the mention. I love the overall vibes of this post and the information you present in it :>)

That watercolor landscape by Mukti looks amazing! They sound join Steemit ;>)

P.S. Last night I dreamed about a red haired guy who said he was fit, as he had been running 5 ( half ) so called 'tiger marathons'. Apparently those are marathons in a forest, where people are running from a bunch of tigers, kind of like bull runs in Spain but then in a forest instead of small streets haha

( at least, that is what I saw in my dream )

And, this platform is such a good place to let it flow with no worry of how the public will accept or reject our art. Mostly, when I am sharing, or not sharing my writings it is because I am afraid of people I know taking it the wrong way and not so much doing it for approval. It's like a dance or breathing and mostly just a way of being.
The watercolors with words are quite lovely :)
I don't think the boxed/pre-mixed avocado's are ever very good! Much better just to buy them and mash them yourself!
All the best in your creating :)

Hahaha! Our roommate doesn't know what he's doing. He had left for a few days leaving that "guacamole" behind. Mind you, it was good mixed with all the rest.

I think decentralization alone doesn't explain why we are so free on Steem. It's the kind of people it attracts I think. There's a weird thing too where bots, void of judgement, sometimes blow in our sails.

Yes, a special kind of people here who can take the boxed guacamole and make it an artful meal :)