Dear Blockchain: Do not make a game like this, it may bring the end of civilization

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Highly dramatic words. No quarter psychological warfare. An unending number of transactions. Virtual cities, civilizations, empires being built, destroyed, then rebuilt again, then destroyed by aliens, then rebuilt, and so on. The progression would go on for decades for me at least, and I am talking about real time here folks.


I got hooked on Europa Universalis 4 (IV) a while back, and had to quit, immediately. The reviews I read of the game foretold like a prophecy, to paraphrase:

Don't buy game, me not leave house for weeks, not talk with anyone, forget how to talk...

...among several other quotes like that in the reviews section on Steam (the other steem, lol-gamer's Steam) had me laughing but kind of terrified at the same time because I knew that would probably be me. Never before since Jumanji did a game carry such dire warnings that could not be understated.

Anyways so I walked I away from it unharmed, but I was also one of the lucky ones. This game is freaking like seven years old people... which gave the game time to make add-ons that made you even more addicted.

It's like crack, that keeps coming out with 'New and Improved' crack editions every few months...

Being a game sim nut, a history nut, a dynasty game sim nut of the highest order, a fearless game competitor seeking out the greatest challenge possible this game's greatest challenge was actually putting it down. I didn't even get to the "Europa" part of the EU4 portion either. I played as the Powhatan tribe of the Chesapeake region of the "Pre-Colonial United States," starting in 1444 and moving through colonial empires from the other side of The Atlantic coming over and wrecking havoc. My objective was to stop them, but I could not. In fact, the two times I made it the furthest I was overthrown by insurrections of my own people that formed resistance movements because I tried to convert them to a different religion. Whoops. Someone said this game was like "Risk on Steriods." It's more like Risk on LSD while playing the game in another dimension to be honest.

I have a game in mind with similar attributes, not near as in depth though of course. That game is a history lesson onto itself. The developers of that thing have more education and wisdom of the tribes and regions of that time as an Oxford professor specializing in that classical era. My thinking is a game with some similar attributes but permanent ownership of some things that uses blockchain technology to best utilize ongoing ownership and role play for the gamer.

I am warning you blockchain, yet again, do not make this game. You will wipe me out completely, or whatever is left after what The Splinterlands has already done.

If this game is made people will have problems they could only dream of, so again I plead, do not make this game. It will ruin generations of people and set civilization back further than the fire of the Library of Alexandria.

This was a hysterically laced sarcastic public service announcement from @cryptkeeper17


Hi @cryptkeeper17

The SPT tag and Splintertalk tribe was set up by the developers of the blockchain game Splinterlands.

This tag is used to help distribute SPT tokens through a rewards pool to players talking about the game.

When you use this tag in your post whales of the SPT tribe will downvote where the featured content has no relevance to the game and or community.

This is to ensure the Splinterlands tribe (Splintertalk) is free of posts not related to the game.

As you've been advised 22 days ago with a warning already we've decided this time the rewards will be removed.

In the future I would recommend not using the tag #SPT unless you’re talking about Splinterlands specifically.

hhhHhhahahaha funny guy

I am glad someone got the joke @akumagai

i working on a huge mash-up of a bunch of games mixed in together - it's proving challenging

That's great @rxhector, yeah these things I can only imagine the work that is involved. Definitely a labor of love that is for sure. Best of luck on the project.

don't mind if you do :

The Youtube Channel (click)

The goldmanmorgan actual website :

pinterest (just started that) :

The @tyrnannoght actual website (where the game will be, but for now just a small limbo (zone zero ) demo :

i never got to playing EU though ... i already have like 400 games backlog from humble that i probably didnt even boot yet ...

the way i see it gaming is the only possible salvation for the wreckage this became because about everything else is talking about smoke and mirrors trying to get the most likes ... few good men ;-)

@tyrnannoght @goldmanmorgan ...

this is some crazy stuff, got to check out more of your stuff. this is what steemit should be all about if you ask me.

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