My 20th month on Steem was a month of milestones

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🎉 I finally got my reputation up to level 60🎉

That would have been nice for the old byteball share-drop last year, but I've finally made it now! In the same month, I also managed to not only reach 500 SP, but burst right up over 700 SP. 🎉

It says 716.02 above, because I also powered up a further 200 steem.

While prices are as low as they are, this may not seem like much, but back when we joined, 500 SP was a big deal... and for me it still is, I believe in steem and I am prepared to put my money where my mouth is. When steem bounces back I will be happy with the decisions I have made this month. 😉

The extra 200 SP came from a combination of winning an ounce of silver in one of the bi-weekly @contestkings Mega raffles, over 100 prizes are given away every 2 weeks just for staking the CK Token.
@dkid14 offered to send me steem instead of the silver, and while prices are this low, I jumped at it. A solid 125 Steem Bonus there. Normally I would prefer to take the silver, but I believe that 125 Steem will see more growth over the coming years than one ounce of silver.

That was free financial advise, buy up bitches!😉


My First Splinterlands card ever sold

I also sold my first Splinterlands card, the most expensive card I owned, the Legendary "Shin-lo". Thanks, @mattclarke. This was not an easy decision to make, I had pondered over it for some time. But again, with the current price of steem I was thinking of the future, and I feel happy with the amount of Steem and Steem Basic Income that I received for the card.

450 STEEM + 150 Steem Basic Income



Steem Basic Income


My SBI balance will be over 400 by the end of this week also... so happy!

If you are not sure what Steem Basic Income is, pop over and check it out. Basically, when you buy a share for someone, you also receive one for yourself. Each share you own earns you a small percentage of an upvote on each post, the more shares the bigger the vote. Another great thing about invest in SBI, is that they never power down! So not only are you investing in your future, but you are also helping someone else, and helping to keep money with the steem ecosystem... Everyone's a winner!


Steem Engine Tokens

My Steem Engine wallet continues to chug-a-long. Looking over my staked tokens at the end of this month... I am happy with where I am sitting, sure there are a few tokens I would like to have more of... But it's a marathon, not a sprint, so I'm not too concerned.
Currently over 20'000 staked SPT, if the boys make even half as good as Splinterlands, we will all be laughing!


Guess the total of my SPT tokens at the time of this post payout, and win 1000 SPT Delegation for 4 weeks, closest guess wins!

The 1000 SPT contest is only open for 72 hours, from the time this post goes live


CK 1st.png


This season I managed to push to Diamond II, Rewarding me with 50 cards. The best card from this month's rewards was by far, the Gold Foil Beetle Queen. Not leveled enough to have healing yet, but a nice addition to the magic attackers for the fire splinter... Unfortunately, no chicken yet though. With some of my DEC rewards I also purchased a GF Alric Stormbringer, allowing me to level him up.


Steem Knights

The newest game on the Steem blockchain. Also, the first 3-D Mobile game to hit the Steem blockchain. If you haven't already started playing Sign up using my referral link and post a screenshot in the comments below and I will reward you with a share of Steem Basic Income. Initially, I deposited 10 Steem, you wager Steem on each game you play against your opponent. However, the balance I have now has come purely from daily payouts. To be honest, I have won as many games as I have lost, but I have received 10 steem per day in payouts.





Radaquest is an up-and-coming game to be released on the steem blockchain. You can buy Taruk Tokens on the Steem Engine or for a limited time you can grab a discount and buy directly through their site.

As pictured above

The best thing about staking these tokens is, not only will they become in-game currency, but while the game is under construction a percentage of the profits is being paid back to its investors that could be you too.

I have only bought 200 tokens so far, But I plan on buying more!

In the 2 weeks of having staked 200 Taruk, I have already received around 65 Steem and steemp in returns... It almost sounds too good to be true, but here are the 2 steem payments I have already received. Definitely something to look at if you have some spare steem, or looking to invest in steem via Paypal.



There are more contests for you to enter below.



In this contest I am wanting to see the moments you're most proud of from this season of Splinterlands. I am also offering a Bonus share of SBI for whoever shows me the longest win streak from last season... So start saving those screen-shots

Click here to enter

Everyone could be a winner! In this contest, a Splinterlands monster of your choice or a share of Steem Basic Income could be yours... all you have to do is make me laugh. Everyone loves having a laugh, now you can get rewarded for making others laugh along with you.

Click here to enter

Up to 10 Steem Basic Income to giveaway, or Splinterlands cards if you'd prefer. We've all had moments in our life where you wish you could go back in time and undo that one little slip-up. In this post, you can get rewarded for life's awkward or embarrassing moments

Click here to enter



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Congrats on the growth! Keep it up. Glad you are liking your wins on the draw.

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Thanks, Now is a good time to grow!
And yeah the @ContestKings Prizes are awesome, lovin it!

I think they will continue to get better too!!

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This is a good post and I feel like all of the interaction on this post is what steem is all about. Great work. 33 comments. This is what the whales should be upvoting.

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Thanks man, appreciate it.

Congrats @philippekiene and thank you so much for your support to RadaQuest TCG!! Let's keep growing!👍💕

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Happy to be part of it!

Yep, no powering down... Full Steem ahead!

Congratz for your 60 reputation! and thank you for supporting RadaQuest!!

Rada quest is going places.

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no worries man, glad I found out about it so early... another perk of @battlegames!

Congratulations on the 60 rep! And you seem to have a great growing strategy! I still have my Shin-Lo waiting to be sold at a ridiculous high price 😉 And I didn't knew you could steem at steem knights just with payouts, I thought you always had to gamble; good to know! Next stop: 1000 SP!! Go go! ;)

I have a feeling I will be there sooner than I think... I'm hoping before the end of the year.

I want your GF Alric! great choice to ugrade.. also grats on 60 rep, that's awesome! hoping to do the same this month.

Thanks man, yeah now is the time to grow our accounts. Since writing this post I have acquired an additional 120 SBI too.

PS. there, you convinced me! 😂


😂Good luck!

Thanks! Already did one battle, it's actually funny to play!

yeah, like chess meets scissors, paper, rock.

Exactly :)

I say your SPT balance will be around 23,500SPT in total (stacked + likwid)

We shall see...good luck!

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👏🏻👏🏻congrats! I was told byteball is still available so you can still go for it!

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I already claimed last year. I wish I saved it until now though. Apparently the amount they gave us was based on a USD value, so now people are still receiving the same dollar value, just a lot more byteball.

My guess is 25000 SPT Power haha. Nice one @philippekiene very informative #newsteem to the next level.

I hope you're right!

haha.. I hope so.

Congratulations on your success

Thank you, still a long way to go, but last month was very motivational!

Dear friend and hubby of my steemitmamas friend, congrats. I love that your steemit journey is so diverse. Game related but also wide knowledged and here for the long run ! I wish you Well and hopefully the ladies Will win sunday at the @chrismadcboy2016 show.

Haha yes, why not britt all steemitmamas they should defeat the binga boys see you all there.


Well i say

Haha.. Tomorrow I'll make a post steemterminal game-night.

Good luck ladies. 😂

Congrats my friend! Keep up the great work!

Thank you, same back at ya. 😉

Congrats @philippekiene. You indeed achieved sort of milestone. ✌️

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Thank you.

Congratulations @philippekiene.


Cheers for the BEER!

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @philippekiene, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Congrats! Quite a lot of milestones there!
Keep on steeming (and playing)!!!

Thank you.
Yeah, I still can't believe that we can get paid to play... incredible!

You've come a long way baby!!! This was an awesome post!!


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My guess is 21035 SPT

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