I just bought an Upvote using DEC Dark Energy Crystals, a Steem Engine token used as in game currency for @steemmonsters and the token with the most trading volume on Steem-Engine.com exchange

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So I noticed that I could pay for my Bid Bot Upvoted not just in Steem/SBD anymore but also Steem Engine tokens, while using https://steembottracker.com by @yabapmatt who also created Keychain available here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/steem-keychain/lkcjlnjfpbikmcmbachjpdbijejflpcm?hl=en

The keychain extension makes it easier for us to use @steembottracker and to use https://steem-engine.com and to play games like @steemmonsters at https://steemmonsters.com which uses a steem engine token as in game currency DEC Dark Energy Crystal


(Here is how I bring up info on the token and its price, supply etc on @steemspeak discord https;//steemspeak.com where @banjo bot made by @inertia lets me send and receive steem engine tokens and withdraw them to steem accounts, and bring up info on a token like i said with $token command


DEC is the token with highest volume, and you can trade it here on steem engine

Its volume is over $2,572 USD in the last day and I can only see the steemmonsters in game currency becoming more and more popular between existing steem investors and users who get daily payouts to invest with.

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Basically it's what I have been doing recently.
I get some Captcha https://captcha-faucet.herokuapp.com
Sell it for DEC.
Use DEC to upvote my Actifit post.

good try

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