Into the Ember Months

in #newmonth2 years ago


Hello September,

Happy new month folks, we made it to the final laps of year 2019. Long but not so long anymore, the long year seems but just weeks till we roll over into the much anticipated year 2020.

Ember months comes with a lot of expectations, for people whose year seems to not be anywhere near productive, Christmas season comes with joy and happiness but with a little bit of tension. Over the years, the story remains the same, and it will not change till our dying breaths.

Year 2020 seems like a defining year for cryptocurrency, which is why many crypo-hopefuls can't wait to be there. If the Bull is ever coming back, year 2020 will tell.

To all Ember birthday celebrants like me, I'm October, I say happy birthday to you all in Advance and may all your sorrows be gone.

May all the good tidings of the past months that seems to have elude us all catch up with us before the year runs out, Amen!