Welcome to Pickle's Corvette Emporium!

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Are you in a pickle?

Tired of painstakingly picking your place in the galaxy, spending precious personal time plotting and pin-pointing plans and production, only to panic when you’re pitifully and repeatedly pickled by pernicious and preposterous planetary pickpockets?

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Fret no more, lonely colonist, for Pickle’s Corvette Emporium is here! For the past 24 space hours, Pickle’s Corvette Emporium has been providing Corvettes to space people just like you at great prices you and your people can afford!

“With Pickle’s, there are no hidden fees. The price on the space sticker is what you pay. End of space story. Am I saying “space” too much?”

-anonymous satisfied space customer


As long as ships and missions are available, Pickle's is offering a sweet dozen deal on Corvettes and a quad deal on Destroyers. Have 12 Corvettes or 4 Destroyers sent to any planet you of your choice for only 25 STEEM. Pick 'em all up at once, save me some Mission Control trouble, and I'll knock 5 STEEM off the price! That's only 45 STEEM for 16 state-of-the-art battleships!

Pickle’s is proud to announce that thanks to the hard work of our boys, girls, birls, goyls and robots on the ground, we have nearly doubled Destroyer production in the last 24 space hours! Consider this message the official opening of the Destroyer Factory Outlet. For the best deals on Destroyers, get ‘em at The Outlet! At this rate, colonists all over the galaxy will be destroying things in no time!

Get yourself protected! Transport resources quickly between your planets! You can even use Pickle’s to build a fleet with which to conquer the known Universe in a fury of chaos, violence and destruction! At Pickle’s, we just sell the ships!

Come see Captain Pickle in his space office in room 23A of the Tower of Vinegros on the Planet Dill, in the further low reaches of the galaxy. If you can’t make the trip because you don’t have the ships, Captain Pickle can come to you in a jiffy, thanks to his super secret patent-pending telespace technology! He’ll make sure you’ve got the battleships you need just in time for those pesky spring raids.

Pickle’s Corvette Emporium (and Destroyer Factory Outlet)

"Peace Through Firepower"

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