Adventures as a space settler, in Next Colony. # 103.

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Captain's log, day 103:

Greetings, my dear friends of the grand universe. This is the warship most used by Next Colony players, the corvette, has composed that great swarm with which some have annihilated fleets, by the current form of the battle module, but in the new update things must change a little, because the ships will fight in a more even percentage and those who attack will lose some of their ships if they have superiority of quantity, weight now will be a little fairer, with everything and that should be 1 ship against another and wins the one that has more skills, that is: 1-1 and there remains the one that has more attack and defense power, then if one hits it that one more should be able to destroy that ship, just as it would be the real battle.

I hope to see how things will be in the new battles, what I'm not sure is if this update is already in use or still missing.
Other things that many players hope for are: the wonders of the universe and the rewards, but there is another thing you must do if you want to have the players entertained and worth investing time and steem, this is a market like steemmonters that let you buy or trade for some resources ships and planets, that will give the game a big boost, Of course I understand that it is a lot of work and the game is just beginning, but you must hurry the march not to lose players who are discouraged because the truth is that everyone plays to win something, not just for fun, and if someone differs from my good opinion, I congratulate you, is among the few who can do it, play for this beautiful game for pleasure.

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