Recorded segment from mspwaves on NFT projects on Hive

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This is a video that discusses NFTs on the Hive blockchain. It's a screen share reviewing multiple websites and also discusses future projects that should be unveiled sooon.


Recommend watching from @33:44 where @aggroed talks more about HIVE engine and the technology they have build, which LASSECASH uses everyday.

Great video on that topic and very much thank you guys for making this possible.

Awesome, I am going to try out

Thanks for showing off these dapps.

Great video man I must say I have more respect for that splinterlands now. I really just thought it was collecting illustrated cards but your thorough and passionate explanation of it does show the amount of work put in and the reason why it's so popular. There's many attention and participation retainment elements that make it unique. Well done!

On the other idea of selling ones body..
Why don't you make an OnlyFans of crypto? There's no propriety to that very successful business model. After all, it's the users that are truly the content. You could really get momentum offering people tokens and crypto to show skin. Even the regular platforms have become softcore porn self-objectification exposes, so there would be no shortage of people to onboard.

Hookup culture is also essentially "in the closet" right now with many lockdowns. So there's opportunity to market it as a way to build some crypto wealth until free society returns. I agree with you on the ethics and dangers of minors participating. That's something you could easily moderate though.

And hey.... More women in crypto!
The feminist hardliners might object but statistically it would be achieving equality.