My entry for Splinterlands Art Contest || week 67 || Digital painting of Lyanna Natura - Earth summoner

in ntopaz •  last month  (edited)

ntopaz-image-0This is my entry for splinterlands ongoing art contest. I spend a lots of time thinking about what to paint last night. At first i wanted to paint animated corpse from death splinter then I decided to do something colorful. And what's more colorful than earth monsters?

Actually when i first started to play steemmonsters and tried to complete quests, I would get quests to win 5 battles with life splinter. Back then, i didn't really fully understood the game so i would keep playing with lyanna and win but still the quest bar would not go up. I never actually read things in the game and naturally assumed that green things must be life.

Later i was corrected by someone in discord that life is the white splinter.

Lyanna is from earth so i tried to use as much green as possible. I also tried to keep things similar to the original card.

Process explained:
I started with sketching the entire thing. Started with head and then worked a little of the body. I spent a good amount of time on the sketch. Tried to get that right. Then painted the base colors in different layers for different parts.

Then i started shading the skin. I didn't work on one part at a time. I kept juggling between skin and hair and the herbs. Thats how i keep things interesting.

After i put some color to the background i cleaned up the sketch layer. If i turned off the sketch layer the entire thing was looking very drab. So decided to keep that on and clean up a bit.
At the very end i added some tiny details all over the painting.


Here are some process shots:
Screenshot (1223).png

Screenshot (1224).png

Screenshot (1225).png

Screenshot (1226).png

Screenshot (1228).png

Screenshot (1229).png

Screenshot (1230).png

Screenshot (1231).png

Screenshot (1232).png

Screenshot (1233).png

Screenshot (1234).png

Screenshot (1235).png

Screenshot (1237).png

Screenshot (1238).png

Screenshot (1240).png

earth splinter.jpg
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Que divertida fotografía, los colores son tan alegres y hermosos que su rostro se ilumina con tan solo verla. Me gusta la técnica que usas y como has ido dando cambios en tu estilo de obra, me gusta cuando los artistas se trazan etas y las cumple de una manera bastante buena. Amo el tema de la naturaleza y ese verde que no puede faltar, el cual nos aporta oxigeno de vida para el vivir bien.


What tool do you use to sketch in Photoshop?

i use wacom graphic tablet normally



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Amazing!!! I like your illustration of Lyanna, I wish you good luck in the contest. ;)

thank you so much