Splinterlands. Amazing day

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Hello everyone!


Today is a last day of the season. And actually it is super-puper amazign day for me! You are asking WHY?!

Because I finally finish that season at the Diamond III League for the first time. I played steemmonsters for the last 30mins of the season. The fight was hard and tough, I had losses and wins. And I was about to postpone my dream about Diamond league for the next season, but... Dreams come true. I am not dreaming about Diamond II league for the upcoming season, because it was really hard to reach Diamond III. And I personally feel that I am not ready yet for the Diamond II. I don't have enough good and strong cards, and my summoners are level 1. I have only 1 summoner with level 3, and it was leased to me by my guild member. Also, I have 1 dragon summoner, which was also leased to me by my guild member.

Actually, I would like to say, that guild support is very important in that game. Thanks to my guild I am enjoying this game and getting some results!

And let's take a look on my 40cards which I got for that season!



Also, I bought 1 untamed pack, and here are 5 cards of it.


I will repeat that I am buying packs in https://monstermarket.io/packs, because it gives a cashback. Not so much, but still better than nothing.


If you don't play steemmonsters, so HURRY UP and join it now


If you have any questions about Korea don't hesitate to contact me here or via instagram

More articles about my travel adventures you can find here



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