SteemMonsters ItharaGaian : Report 71 - Breaking Even in the maths

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--- Game Report @itharagaian SteemMonster --- Day 71

Breaking Even

I amn selling some cards every now and then, and for the first time, looking at the BIDS only : I am even...
When I sum up my deck bids value and the sold cards + DEC won, I reach and surpass my initial investment.

Still too soon to conclude it was a wise move, but the risks are getting minimum now and I can start making profits, remember I already enjoyed the game for months which is also a sort of benefit.

Yes I am still there

I sometimes got an MP from other players asking where I am...
I confess I play less than usual because I am over busy, but no worry I am still there and could even start to play a deck for someone, soon, if everything goes as planned...

Status :


  • Best League : Silver II
  • Best Rank : 1523
  • ROI : 1.024 (investment = 600$ , 1= reached base investment)
  • Total Sold : $80 (reaching 600+ here means real realized profits...)
  • Deck Value :
    ** ItharaGaian $349.63
    ** Anosys $167.24
    ** Lebastion $17.97
    ** Cumulated decks value : $534.84
    ** Cash value ( cards + all time sales) : $614.84

See you tomorrow, or as soon as possible, for more news about my progress

Still not in the Game? :

Blessed be friends,
Albus Draco,
The knowledge addicted mystical creature


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stupid me i tried to boost this and sent to minnowboosters instead of minnowbooster, my bad, I asked kindly for refund, will see if they react ... but it's blacklister by buildawhale, ...... future will tell...