New DEC Giveaway and Winner Announcement of Last Giveaway

in #palnet6 months ago


I will now be giving away DEC on both Steemit and Hive. I will pick one winner from the people that enter on either post. I upped it a little bit now to 100 DEC Now it is time to see who won the last giveaway on steem or on hive? I hope you are are doing well.

The Winner is...
20200809 17_34_05Window.png

@aud-perez I hope you get that card soon.

20200809 17_35_34Window.png

To enter just tell me you would like to win. Or anything about the game or your account.

This time you can win.

100 DEC

Include your username if it is different than your steem name.

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Yes please count me in for 100 DEC.