New DEC Giveaway and Winner Announcement of Last Giveaway

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I am giving away Dark Crystals till I see that I can pay for the cards to giveaway. That might not be ever. But maybe when the new set is out or my earnings go way up. Now it is time to see who won the last. giveaway?

The Winner is...

20191110 15_30_44Steem Random Winner Picker  Brave.png

@hilladigahackles congrats. Your prize has been sent

20191110 15_31_51SteemMonsters Giveaway and Winner Announcement _ SteemPeak.png

The ContestKings have this rule. "No Upvote, No Follow, and No Resteem needed to join the giveaway." So that is not needed to enter but thank you if you do. All you need to do to enter is to make any comment about the game. I had to switch to the random name picker for now as the comment picker is down.

This time you can win.

50 DEC

Include your username if it is different than your steem name. I am going to use this tool to pick the winner Best of luck

This is an Invitation to join #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies (2.0) 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside) AND the latest update <<< please click to read.



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i have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. 😊

I'd like to save DEC but I'm always spending it

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Card prices are probably going to be a little "better" once the Untamed release. At least I hope so anyway. Probably not for anything beta/alpha - but Untamed should be affordable....for a while.

Just got into the game and still Learning’