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Enjoying My Weekend!

How a gamer enjoy his weekend?
Chilling and Gaming, of course 🤣

Lately I've been trying to stop drinking coffee, I got some gastrointestinal issue. 😭

I love coffee so much, it really torns me to stop drinking my favorite drink. But, I have to.

So, now I start to enjoy non-coffee drinks in Starbucks. I still hanging out here, because even if I can't drink coffee anymore, at least I can smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It's relaxing!

Starbucks Secret Recipe from Me:

I love to experiment on Starbucks recipe. I even made a few of my own Recipes! One of my favorite is "Soda Sangat Gembira" which means A Very Happy Soda (Indonesian).

The recipe of this Soda Sangat Gembira is:

  • 1 bottle of Rauch Strawberry
  • Pour the Strawberry juice into a shaker
  • Add 3-5 ice rocks
  • Add Low-Fat Milk up-to Grande marking
  • Shake it!
  • Serve in Venti sized mug. Enjoy!

I play SteemMonsters/Splinterland

I play a few battles in Splinterland, but making no significant progress. Keep moving back and forward around Gold III mark.

The majority of my Summoners are on Level 4, so I barely had a chance against Gold League players 😅

I think I will save up more to upgrade my decks 💪

I play Nintendo Switch!

I mainly play RPG games like Skyrim and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I really enjoy this weekend to the fullest, and I hope so you are.


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Hi buddy, same here I love coffee and switch but Starbucks have left Adelaide.

You want to get your hands on “fire emblem - three houses” it is the best in that game style. I do play a lot of Zelda though.

Enjoying your posts keep it up.

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Wow, buddy!!
I just Googled Fire Emblem: Three House and watch some of its gameplay video, it's really tempting!! I like tactical games too!

I just added it to my wishlist for next compulsive shopping spree 😂

Thank you!

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I know, plus each character has there own back story that add to the whole experience, there are a lot of different characters so you will find some that you really like and others not so much.

You wont regret it.

now you make me drooling over it 🤤
ahh, i think i gotta hide this compulsive purchase from my wife 😅

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