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I figured with the year being done and a new one getting started it was time to do another check on my @Splinterland and more closely to the Otterworks earnings.

2020 is starting off with a transition in the Otterworks Service. Many of the earlier players have created multiple accounts that are being played by others and where the profits are shared between account holder and player.

This amazing concept was created by @tcpolymath but since he has to many projects going on he is handing it over and @felipejoys is taking over the cause.
The service as such lived off the difference in DEC between burning a cards and the 5% extra received from burning a maxed out card. Of course other cards were also listed on the internal markets for sale.
So personally I am very happy that someone is taking this thing further.

I am using the service just because I do not have the time to play 7 accounts and do a full time job. I do not want to end up like the little lego man.
I have my main lvl 6 summoner I play with and then 2 baby ones that only make it to silver3 for the moment so I do not want to lease them out yet.
So that means I have to rely on others and the results of that you can see below:


The income in the last season (roughly 2 weeks) is a whopping 12.3 dollars
on average through the whole time I have had accounts running that makes 4521 DEC per account per season.

For the moment these amounts are for me not worth pulling them out so I keep using the DEC to buy more cards (on @peakmonsters or packs on @steem-engine

I should have enough cards to make another silver/low gold dec pretty soon but the issue is the summoners. I am having to buy those of the market and if you are buying from revenue they are not coming in cheap. It is an investment in the long run but you still need to spend all your earnings to build it up to a decent level. This also means that I do not have a lot of cards left to lease out. I do prefer the renting out of the decks since you allow another to also earn a bit at the same time and I do not have the hassle of checking all cards daily.

The main take away here is that I have made over 50 dollars in earnings in a short time and as passive income that I did not have before. That are 25 packs are regular price or a lot more at exchange price which amounts to a lot of new cards for me to play with.

How is your game coming??

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I'm actually quite enjoying playing ATM too, I have a new love for the screaming vulture and the scavenge ability.... you have to take it up to L6, but it's a great card.

I'm currently trying to sell my L7 Alpha Earth summoner, I can get an L8 Beta and have around $60 to play with.

Insane value increase on those Alphas.

My own preference is to buy cards on the market - the ones everyone uses all the time, especially the summoners, rather than packs. It's working out quite nicely as a post-dinner gap fill and an investment I must say.

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My boys' accounts weren't being played, so I delegated the cards over to snowy-egret and dimorphic-egret.
Great DEC boost, particularly at season end.
Pretty much covers the cost of running my Mystery potions, and I get to know I'm giving a couple of newcomers an income stream.
Straight up card rentals are coming in nice, too. I've been flirting with $2/day for about 6 months. That goes straight back into more cards to rent out.
I'm actually going to track my rentals this year by plotting (weekly) how many of the median card I can buy for 1 day's rental income.
If card values climb and I don't see that reflected in my returns, then that number will come down.

that looks like a decent return... I would say I have a little less and only have a few rentals... need to check what runs ok on the rental market when I have some time.

I get to know I'm giving a couple of newcomers an income stream.

That is something I really like as well, its truly a win win through gaming

Do you think that single card renting or deck renting is more profitable?


I would say single card is more profitable on the condition that what you put on the market gets rented out. The decks are easier on more social