Some work and Some steemmonsters keeps one healthy wealthy and wise

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What is a person without his/her game?

My game is steem monsters / Splinterlands. Know why?
because it is one of the easiest ways to get into crypto

Steem monsters /Splinterlands the fiat to crypto gateway

Steem monsters is game which can be learned easily but before you learn it is good to get hold of your starter pack because as they say you cannot learn how to swim without getting into the water or cannot learn how to drive without sitting inside the can in the driving seat.
The same applies to the steem monster /Splinterlands game it is a riveting game all right but you need to know what all card are there and what are the powers associated with these cards.
So first things first : Get yourself a starter pack. You can get a starter pack here

Starter pack cost

A steemmonster / Splinterlands starter pack costs $ 10 and one has a number of options to pay for the card pack.
If fiat is your desired mode of payment then you can use a credit or any other bank card.
However if you want to use steem or other crypto as a mode of payment then you are more then welcome to use this payment option.

Getting to know the starter pack

The starter pack is like a surprise package and you do know know what cards are there until you open your pack.
When it comes to card games like steem monsters / splinterlands the more cards you have the better so there is always the option to buy more card packs.
Plus you can always trade your existing cards in the open market.
This way slowly but surely your crypto portfolio and your card collection can grow.

Steem monsters/ Splinterlands as an investment

The Steem monsters/ Splinterlands is a fascinating game however beyond its cards are trade-able in the internal market.
Thus there is enough liquidity in the marktet to trade your steem monster/ Splinterlands cards for crypto.
Besides the starter packs you can buy add on packs which gives you the possibility to obtain more cards. However since there is a degree of randomness in what card you get so there is a possibility to get a higher value or rare card.

You can also earn and win more cards by playing the daily quest and the bigger tournaments.
If investment is your reason to getting into steem monsters / Splinterlands then I would suggest couple it with the gaming component and enjoy the thrill of gaming and winning.
So when you can use the strategy of buy low , play and win more cards and sell high. Plus enjoy the dividends of playing and enjoying the game play.


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That is an interesting approach

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Digital gaming on board the blockchain can and would be the next big thing/
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