Daily Quests Are Essential To Growing Your Steem Monsters Collection For Exactly This Reason

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No matter how small your collection or how difficult it can be sometimes when you aren't leveled up very high, it still pays to complete as many daily quests as you possibly can.

The majority of the time the cards you get are commons and rares worth a few cents here and there but every one and a while something amazing like this happens.

With a little bit of luck, this could be you too. Keep up the good work fellow players!

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Amazing pulls. One day soon! 🤞

Thank you. Hope you grab something awesome too! 😊

You sent me some luck last night @jonnyla08

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Nice! Those are getting a lot more difficult to come by now that they’re almost out of production 😄. Nice job @wonderwop!

Wow! Great pull, you are exactly right, with just that many cards also, and no potions-love it!-great work @jonnyla08!

Thanks @cryptkeeper17 I couldn’t believe it. I mean most of the time I’m playing in the Silver leagues and getting 2 to 4 cards so to snag these in the same 4 cards was incredible. 😄

Amazing bro.....

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Thank you 😊

Nice work

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Thank you 😊

Nice gold card pull!

Thank you 😊

Great work! How quickly I forget how good my last season rewards were, and like to think I am unlucky. Latley I struggle with playing the daily, or winning for the DEC. It's a hard balance

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Right now I’ve been trying to convert my collection over to GF’s so I can play and win a little bit extra DEC even at the lower levels but man it’s hard. Everything is so expensive now! I’m planning to sell this to probably buy some GF summoners and whatnot to use. Figured those are good long term investments too since you need them to be able to play with anything.

Congratulations! Amazing luck!

Thank you 😊