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RE: Splinterlands Domination + Giveaway #29

in #palnetlast year

Whooohooo! A Boogeyman !monster, please and thanks. And/or two. :)


Thanks much for my new Furious Chicken !monster.

Really not sure how I feel about the Tron/Steemit announcement. I was introduced to Steemit through Splinterlands.... and then recently to Tron through Splinterlands, but I really haven't done anything with/on Tron. My impression is that Steem is very community oriented. No idea on Tron.

Personally, I just want to play a game that I enjoy a lot. And I like both the blockchain aspect and the ability to preserve/increase value. I have no idea how Tron impacts either of those.

I guess it depends a lot as to whether people are just trying to make a few quick crypto and move on or if there's a long term commitment to 'making the world a better place.'