Steem Monsters - My last battle and daily reward - 20 Jul 2019 / winner announcement

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Hello, Splinters

The battles

Today I have to fight under the Pirate Attacks - Win 5 ranked battles with the Water Splinter. Another week deck but a little bit stronger than my Death deck I have 2 splinters here Alric Stormbringer level 1 and Valnamor also level 1 but legendary card so he can summon stronger cards. I made 17 battles until I fulfill the quest requirements. all wins were with Valnamor.


Here is my last battle - DIRECT LINK from 7/20/2019, 8:31:21 AM


The reward

I'm still in silver II league and rewards are 3 cards. The drop was pretty cool two RARE cards and one EPIC.


And the winner from SM card and 20 DEC giveaway #2
is @elbiasto

Comment link. Card sent, Tokens sent. You can view your DEC tokens in your account.


Congratulations @elbiasto !

Get ready for my next contest latter today.

Keep playing!

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