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Only 105 days left till Steemfest 4

I tell you what, I am pumped for this year's steemfest!

I'm so happy that @roelandp has decided to hold Steemfest in Bangkok this year. As soon as my wife and I heard the announcement we both looked at each other and nodded, We are in. It will be a first for me and my wife, but I'm sure it won't be our last. Now that we have decided to go, it's time to start budgeting and saving... one way or another we have to get there... it's the closest Steemfest has gotten to us, and maybe for years to come.

Some of the people I would like to meet at Steemfest

Some of these people I know will be attending Steemfest, the others, if a miracle were to happen I would love to be able to meet at Steemfest. Who knows maybe the Crypto gods will drive the prices sky-high and allow everyone to attend steemfest this year wishful thinking. But never say never, there are several competitions for you to win tickets to attend.

tickets SF4.png

  • @knozaki2015, who has been the first to purchase tickets every year since the original Steemfest is generously offering to give away 10 tickets. Be sure to check out his post and show him some appreciation. Obviously, a true believer in the future of Steem and has been for a long time it would be interesting to hear about his journey on Steem.🏆

  • @louis88 - The Man who won first place in the 1st Qualifier of the Splinterlands, Steemfest Ticket Qualifier. I finished in 8th place, so this man will be a challenge to beat. I see his name quite often in winning positions on the Splinterlands tournaments. I could learn a lot from Loius! 🤔

  • @anomadsoul - Just seems like a chillaxed, down to earth, kind bloke... who doesn't like meeting people like that. I'm guessing he will be one popular man at Steemfest, getting to know this man may not be so easy. 🧔

  • @blocktrades - The man/woman or team behind the account that is BLOCKTRADES. From my understanding one of the major sponsors of Steemfest each year. It would be nice to say hello and thank you in person for helping to bring the Steem community together each and every year. ©

  • @waybeyondpadthai - because Pad Thai is awesome, so anything way beyond pad Thai... must be amazing!
    You seem like a happy-go-lucky sort of person, always funny, happy and bubbly in your videos. Plus you'll know all the best places to eat in our favorite local place to shop... Bangkok. 😋

  • @fitinfun - A fellow expat living in Asia, possibly moving to Cambodia at some stage too. Maybe at Steemfest my wife @mumma-monza and I can help persuade you. 😉

  • @derangedvisions - Another Steemian thinking about making the leap to becoming an expat in Asia. Who knows may end up seeing each other more often... ✈

  • @world-travel-pro - An avid world traveler. After 16 years of traveling, I'm sure you would have some interesting stories and great tips on places to go and see. Have you ever been over here to Siem Reap? 🌏

  • @mumma-monza - My wife and travel buddy, we rarely plan anything. Being spare of the moment kind of people always has its perks and hiccups, but it adds to the adventure and makes for good stories. 😜

  • @mattclarke - A Fellow Aussie, Steemit Pioneer, Splinterlands player, and an all-round top bloke... be good to finally shake your hand and have a yarn. 🍻

  • @o07 - Another awesome Aussie, Splinterlands Diehard. Who currently is in Thailand, and will be again around Christmas time, but may not make it to Steemfest... Hopefully, that changes though! 👷‍♂️

  • @battlegames - One of my favorite new tokens on Steem-engine. It'd be good to see the guys there representing, it's a long way to travel though, so let's hope for a spike in price. 💹

  • @criticalthinkin - A newer member to Steem, and an awesome Splinterlands player... Not surprising though considering he used to be a professional gamer! 😎

  • @futuremind - My Oldest mate on Steemit, I know it's a pipe dream but would love to actually meet him in person. Maybe one year when it's over in America and we are rich. 😊

  • @khimgoh - A lovely lady my wife introduced me to from Steemit Mama's, Khimgoh is a lovely, happy go lucky fun mum who has been committed to Steem for some time now! 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  • @zord189 - We met through Khimgoh and in NYC, Not the City then again in several other groups. While having a sense of humor this man also seems to know his stuff, and always be where the action is. It would be nice to put a face to the name! 🤯

Not to mention all the other Splinterlands players, Poker Players (@lucksacks), Battle token enthusiasts... The list is HUGE!

Please don't feel offended if I failed to mention you... I love meeting new people and there are so many people I would like to meet when we get there!

Steem pagebreak.png

Win a ticket to Steemfest through the Splinterlands Tournaments!

The First Qualifying round has already been played. @louis88 took out the win, I managed to finish in 8th place also securing me a spot in the final... but quietly I'm not too confident. There is some stiff competition on the Splinterlands, especially when the prizes are this big!

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The next tournaments will be held on

  • The second Tournament was postponed but will also play this Sunday, July 28, time T.B.A
    (Follow @anomadsoul for the official announcement)
  • Third qualifying tournament will be held on July 28 at 12:00 UTC
  • Fourth qualifying tournament will be on August 4 at 7:00 UTC

The Grand Final will be held on August 11 at a time yet to be confirmed.

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Thanks for the shout out bro. I would love to meet you and @mumma-monza one day. Perhaps we'll play a poker game and joke about the days when Steem was less than a dollar. I can see such a scene in the future.

I'm excited to hear you are going to steem fest. That is great bro, I hope you'll take some pictures and share the experience afterwards! :)

Me too mate, and it will happen!

We will get there..... Or we can put you up here...its a long flight but you would love it here!!

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Hey mate,

love to see posts like these, connecting with the people we meet online.
Although, like you mentioned I'm still pretty new, I enjoy the company here and would also love to come and get to know everyone.

Can't yet tell if I'll be able to make it though. But if not, I'm sure we'll find a way to meet ;)

Keep it up and have my upvote!

Thanks mate, yeah I'm sure we will soon enough. If not at Steemfest then one day down the track!

I can't wait to meet both you and @mumma-monza, @philippekiene! You will not have to do too much persuading. I am pretty sure Cambodia will be next for me after I leave Malaysia. I enjoyed my Visa trip there, and think I will like the life. See you in November :)

looking forward to it!

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Steemfest is going to be awesome this year! My wife and I have been getting ready for it by watching all sorts of videos about Bangkok and trying to plan out what we are going to do before and after Steemfest. It will be great to see some of the same faces from last year and to meet a lot of new ones this year. My wife was never super active on the platform, so this is going to be really cool for her to get more involved with everyone and get to see how cool everyone is. I can't wait to meet you and your wife.

Be good to meet you and your wife also. They will all be fresh faces for us, so it makes it even more exciting!