Splinterlands Quest Rewards And My Season Reward

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I made it to Diamond again so I got an okay amount of Rewards Cards.

20191016 17_30_19PeakMonsters.png

20191016 17_30_27PeakMonsters.png

Then I got my quest done for the day back in gold 1.

20191016 17_30_12PeakMonsters.png

Almost all of these cards hold some value. That is why it is a good idea to be playing this game now. Once it is more mainstream I think they will stop giving away good cards like this. I really feel this is a reward for those of us that are playing now and helping to fund the start of this project.

So let me know if you are getting in on the new set Kickstarter? Really at the 200 dollar level, you will get a lot of good cards and potions. I am happy to be at that level and if you have more money to spend you can be a higher level and get more.

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