Do video games have good character building benefits?

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Hello Gamers

Today I was looking at an old video of my son and I playing this game. It was one of those super awesome times when our characters were pursuing a giant and each of our characters were launched through the air to pounce on and defeat the opponent. The moment of victory was punctuated by shouts of glee and happiness.

I thought of the games as good fun and bonding time back then, but little did I realize these games taught my son some good character traits and good habits. These positives include;

  1. Problem solving and weighing risks and benefits of a given strategy. We we often faced with problems to solve to achieve our goals in the game. There were often many options, some would lead to success and others failure. We had to assess the risks of each proposed solution and it’s relative chance of success. We often discussed our proposed solutions and the risks of those choices. We then had the opportunity to try these options and if we failed we learned from those errors and used that information in the future.
  2. Persistence and diligence. We sometimes got lost or couldn’t figure out how to open doors, navigate barriers and defeat our opponents. We had to assess the facts, speculate on outcomes and proceed ahead. These tasks were colorful and animated, but still tedious. I believe my son learned to be persistent in these games, try again, think it through and try again.
  3. Creativity. A game is only partially based in reality, so thinking outside the box of usual human limitations was rewarded. I think this taught my son to be creative in solving problems and to see beyond obvious limitations and try things he normally would think was possible. I definitely feel that was good for his brain.

I think those three talents or personality traits he nurtured playing video games have served him well. He applies these traits to his job and he has been rewarded. I wonder what other people think are the benefits of video games?
Let me know in the comments.


I remember my mother used to play with me Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, when I was younger :D

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