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Today I will be looking at the tank options for the death team. This team is considered weak by the market right now. Yet I use them a lot and win a lot. Still, I see why they are considered weak by some. Let me know what you think of the death team and if it's worth buying the summoners while they are cheap. I will pick one random person that does this to win 500 DEC.


20191118 14_29_31Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Corrupted Pegasus is the newest melee monster to join the death squad. This card is a major addition to the team. Really it should make people consider the team a lot stronger. The main reason for this is it is the first card to heal from the back row for them. Also, he has flying and strengthen. While you won't see him in the first position often he is an option there in some formats like earthquake. In general, he will be used most often in the second position but still good to consider him a tank as he will be the next one up if your main dies. He also gives death a much better option when using Lord Arianthus. Before death couldn't use that strong card because they had no way to heal him. The only problem with this card is it is a Legendary from orbs. That is making him cost a lot. So you have to spend the money or get really lucky for this card to be on your team. But if you want to see it in action check out this match where I lost pretty bad.


20191118 14_26_32Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Spineback Wolf is not one of the stronger cards for the death team but it has it's time to shine. For sure it is super sneak. Or when you think your opponent might be using sneak attackers. Other than that he doesn't get used a lot. His high speed and armor do make him playable in some lower mana match ups. Still you will only see this card hit the battlefield sometimes. Sorry I don't have a battle to show you right now. But the main time I use this card is for last position in super sneak. If you think this card is better than I am saying let me know why.


20191118 14_27_33Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Undead Minotaur is better card than most people think. This card allows death to be one of the few teams that can run two double attack melee monsters. Also, he is an upgrade from using Hobgoblin as he has more health. You will need to get him to level nine for that extra attack to use him late game. Yet this is a card you should consider not burning away. Here is an example of using him in a match that looked bad for me. You will see that standing next to Hobgoblin the back to back to back to back attacks worked to destroy the armor and kill the units fast. He can't always be used but is a good card when the set up is right. Super Sneak and Melee Mayhem are the main ones. But I am going to try him out in some others.


20191118 14_28_12Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Lord of Darkness is a card that a lot of people underestimate. That included me. I didn't buy enough of him at the start of the game and haven't spent the money yet to get him up to a go level. I don't have a video to show you because of this. The skill sets with a high attack at what can make this guy strong. He has a bit of a weakness to fast monsters and magic. But he can dominate a match up just like any good Legendary card should. That stun can be key to winning a lot of battles and you can run a stun heavy team with death. With high life and armor, he should get off a few attacks or retaliates. Just be careful when facing a magic team. They are really his only clear weakness.


20191118 14_26_08Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

At last the start of the team Haunted Spirit. This card is the tank you will see most often on the death team. He can be played in most formats and can dominate. The card has a strong self-heal and reflects magic. Once he has the void skill that reflects is a killer to mages that can't seem to kill him before they kill themselves. The only major weakness of this card is to stuns and very fast teams. Now that he can be combined with a second heal the stun isn't as bad as before. When he is able to fight he can win a lot of matches. But he can be killed before he acts by a very fast team. He is a star in the Lost Legendaries format. Check out this fight to see how good and bad he can be. As I lowered his speed to a level that made him dye to fast. Yet mine was never in danger. The other fact that is good is that is only a rare card. So you don't have to have that many to update it to a good level.


It should be clear who I think the best tank is. Haunted spirit, yet clearly a lot of people think this team is weak as they have the cheapest summoners. I think that is a mistake and over time they will make a comeback. Let me know what you think?

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Thanks for the win @stever82. Fingers crossed it's a sign of my luck changing. My card openings have been terrible for 3 seasons now with 0 legendaries in over 350 cards. &#128561.

I rarely play death because I find it hard to win with and it has lower level summoners than my other splinters. I have thought about leveling it up but there always seems to be something else more useful to do with my Steem/DEC.

I think the summoners have a problem because their effectiveness is determined by how your opponent builds their team. Unlike the other summoners you can't fully utilize the buffs by yourself

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my dialy today was Earth. But I kept getting stomped on. So I tapped the reset button and got Death instead. And then I pretty much stomped on everyone else until the daily was done. mwahahahahahahahahahaa

nice - my death cards are my highest levels from winning early on (when you could stilll win summoners) -

i like to use haunted spirit in 1st position and wolf in 2nd - maybe i will him in the back for a few matches and see how it goes

Great review of the cards

Congratulations to @gillianpearce! May it bring you some newfound luck!

As for your review, stellar as always! Thanks for taking me through and I always go for the underdogs! They payoff is usually bigger too.

Good luck!


Thanks @dswigle. Hope things are good in your part of the world. 😍

I have had a lot of fun playing death in Gold league.

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