Splinterlands Intel #3

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Hi everyone,

I have been doing some numbers the last couple of days to figure out how many maxed cards are possible per card and found them to be quite interesting, so I put them my latest SL Intel.

Check out my previous Intels here:

splinterlands intel 3.png


Thoughts edit: I had to update my numbers because I used some wrong data:

  1. The Kickstarter edition is by far the most rare edition in terms of total cards (till now and probably till ever), which puts a smile on my face because I invested in the maxed out version of the normal and goldfoil editions. For example there are only 9.4 maxed-out welps ever possible!!!
  2. Commons are the rarest in terms of possible maxed out cards in each edition (150 for alpha for example), that means there are only 150 maxed out alpha full decks possible, which is not a lot if you know where this game is heading. And puts again a smile on face for investing in Alpha in the early days.
  3. Beta and Alpha combined (450 +150 per common) are at the same level of rarity as the orb cards (495 per common).
  4. It will be a while before the reward cards will be all given out and there are more maxed out cards possible (792 for commons), making the alpha, beta and orbs versions more valuable, although not that much, so don't burn all of your rusty's just yet.
  5. The tron experiment is quite interesting, I think Yaba and Aggy must have not expected to have so many people going for the special dragon cards (599 for the common one) so they are less rare as the alpha and the kickstarter edition, but on par with the beta and orbs.
  6. Yaba and Aggy know damn well what they are doing and put a lot of thought in the possible maxed out version of each card, plus the utility of each one without compromising the older version of the cards and creating scarcity, this whole process is very complex exercise and so @yabamatt did an incredible job in balancing out the numbers.
  7. My guess is, is that as beta sells out, the next editions will have more possible maxed out cards, making the alpha and beta versions even more valuable.
  8. These numbers mean that at the moment only 600 players could play with a full maxed out deck. I am wondering how many are using one at the moment..
  9. I bought some cards today on the market, because of my research.
  10. I have to do these numbers for the goldfoil versions, but that's for another day.

All the best.

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Really interesting info! I am in the train since alpha, but couldn't invest enough for maxing the decks. Still most of my cards are still alpha edition... and will keep trying levelling them!

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@pardinus @cranium I was a bit off with my numbers, now they are updated, there is still a lot of value in the Alpha edition, but looking at this now, the most value is in the Kickstarter cards. Sorry ;)

I had the feeling there were too few cards in your first numbers, glad they're not so few! And I invested in the kickstarter too, still have high hopes of selling my shin-lo at a ridiculous high price! 😉

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Are you ashamed to tell everyone such valuable information !? :)
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Haha, yeah, I wonder about that with all of my Intel's..

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Wow great work !

This shows how exclusive Alpha cards are, and I love it.
Since I own over 1k Alpha cards :D

Nice to see a post like this.. one thing though.. I really am quite positive that when orbs came out it said 300k total.. because I remember having a bit of FOMO when it hit the 200k lol.. as I thought the next 100k were going to be gone that quick as well..

Ofc I can be completely wrong, but thought I should mention it anyway .. lol..

hmm, not sure about that, will ask yaba. thanks!

Quite possible that I'm wrong but now I'm curious as well.. maybe too curious lol (sorry had to do that )

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Just got confirmation from Yaba, it is 200000 orbs

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Thanks for letting me know :) Now it explains why that first 100k went down so fast, because it wasn't 100k but only 10k or something hehe :) Mystery solved here.. ;)

Haha, yeah that would have been crazy fast. Would still be an amazing investment to buy all those orbs and basically control that part of the market ;) Too bad I don't have the cash laying around ...

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Well, when I thought I saw that I assumed some of the big investors just bought a whole lot of DEC and bought them thousands at once like the beta/booster packs maybe.. but if I had the money I would defo do that, my luck if much better with the orbs than beta boosters ;)

You made a small mistake in the kickstarter... The neb semi has 1531 and the royal archer has 512... Just letting you know in case you have it in a spreadsheet! But great info, thanks for putting it out there :)

Ah crap, thanks will fix it

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fixed :)