Exciting time ahead for Steem

in #palnet2 years ago

It's a good time to be a holder of STEEM. I recently claimed my Palcoin and I logged in to the palnet.io website. I can say I am excited for the future.

SMT is not launched yet but look at what steem-engine is doing. The Scotbot and everything. What we just need is the massive adoption. Let people know what they can build on steem and how easy it can be built.

I have also read many things about the coming hardfork. Many are not sure about it and I am also not sure. It need the approval of 17 witnesses out of the top 21 for it to be accepted. Well, I pray the top witnesses do what is right. I hope the community is put first because Steem blockchain is a community based one and that is why we are still standing tall after so many downs.

I believe with the likes of Steemit, coming Utopian Colony, Palnet, Splinterlands, steempress and so on, Steem can finally take her right place and dine with the top coins out there. Steem is destined for the top. The aim should be a top 10 coin and the moment starts now.

Do what is right.



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