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Recently we changed two things that made a big impact on https://peakmonsters.com/

  • PeakMonsters tiers are calculated using ONE YEAR rolling volume instead of 90 days.
  • We also changed the reward tiers



In some cases people went from 5% profit sharing to 15% profit sharing over night.
Turns out this impacted a TON of people ... over 190 people now qualified for a payout gift to their PeakCredit from Peakmonsters.

FYI: We only process the payouts when it is over 1 steem or 1 SBD... but we're always tracking the numbers even if you only buy a little bit each day.

I'll be hitting these buttons 192 times this morning... and believe me I wouldn't mind doing that every day. However if that were the case we'd also set aside time to automate.


Go check your balances in your https://peakmonsters.com/ profile.
It's not a lot previous to yesterday it was under 1 Steem but now in some cases it's tripled to like 2-3 steem.
Then go feel free to use for market purchases or bids or rentals.



Stellar job @peakmonsters, this is very cool and I really like the idea of extending the time further out. Very well done and thanks for the work you all do.

Thank you for listing the people here :) I found myself trough steemworld thanks to the mention


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Oh this is cool.. Haha what a bargain.. Thnx @peakmonsters mad respect 😎😎👌

Congratulations to all the mentioned individuals and enjoy your Splinterlands Journey with Peakmonsters.

@peakmonsters, Genuinely speaking i haven't used Peakmonsters Service yet but good to see that you are making Peakmonsters Ecosystem rewarding.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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OMG, i didn't even realise until I checked today! Thanks @jarvie!

I'm seriously stoked. It's always nice to get a little surprise bonus credit without even expecting it!

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