Remember, those pets belongs to Someone who loves them dearly, don't Drive Recklessly.

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Animals live with human, in fact they are more loyal than fellow humans as far as the eye can tell in most cases.

Dogs and Cats makes the top list of such animals, they don't disappoint or slander their owners, even if they do, its done among themselves and not to the owners notice. Their loyalty is top-notch, even though they do rebel sometimes, especially Cats. But they are still loved and adored, they have their own rights too, unfortunately some countries have regards for human rights none the less an animal right.

Somewhere in the world, the boy above is mourning his pet Dog killed by a reckless road user who hit the pet and ran. Drivers, Motorcyclists and so on should be conscious of pets, animals living amongst us because they are part of somebody's family.

Do not drive recklessly, be cautious of both human and Animals around, stay safe.


A lot of animals run across the road and drivers hit them unknowingly and accidents are bound to happen so I can understand some people who will say it wasn't intentional but for others, driving recklessly isn't a good thing at all, today it might be an animal you hit, tomorrow it might be a human. Non of the both deserves to die by hitting them because of reckless driving

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